How to Install IOS 7 on Android

Do you want to Install IOS 7 on Android device? Everyone wants to own a iphone but unfortunately it costs high and its still dream for many iphone lovers. IOS operating system is available for apple products only and also it does not supports on any other device. But we can bring the view of IOS on any device. Apple’s Latest iteration IOS 7 is with many features and also with very good performance. Do you want to experience it in your android mobile? This article will help you to install IOS 7 on android device.

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ios 7 on android

How to install IOS 7 on android:

Recently we have posted about IOS on android which help you to bring IOS look on your android device. This article is updated with IOS 7 which help you to bring complete IOS 7 features on your android device. Always there are apps to bring everything inside an android device. To install IOS 7 on android, There is an app which is named as “AndIOS 7″ This app helps to bring complete IOS 7 features into an android device. AndiIOS comes from Android + IOS which means it merges android and IOS. It does not change icons and wallpapers as in other app. It brings all the features as in original IOS 7 iphone. To install this app, Enable Unknown sources on your android device. To enable it, Go to Android Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources. This app costs Rs 121.35. It

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Features of AndIOS 7:

  • Real IOS 7 notification bar
  • IOS 7 control center look of any others mobile
  • IOS 7 slider unlock
  • IOS 7 lockscreen clock
  • IOS 7 Icon

and more IOS 7 features. This app actually replaces IOS 7 view and features. But it can’t bring the speed as in a iphone. However, this app comfort us and also makes us  to feel like using original IOS 7 in a iphone.

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