How to Install Google Camera in Android Jelly Bean

Those who want a mini-DSLR Camera facility in their old Android devices can check Google Camera App launched in September 3, 2014 which is available in Play store. But the Bad news is this app supports only for Android KitKat 4.4(latest devices). Those who are using old devices Android jelly bean, you can also install this Google camera app in Android jelly bean. This new app has lots of features in it like hidden and some overt – including a timer, Lens Blur, 3D images, Photosphere etc. From all the features, Photosphere is quite interesting. Because of no other apps does not snap Photosphere effectively. On the others side, this app has the problem of doing crashes for some devices. But in this app, there is a few potential is fixed. If you are quite interesting to install this app in your jelly bean you need to follow some of the special steps. But this is your own risk. If you are lucky means you can get it without any damage for your phone. Here we go How to Install Google Camera in Android Jelly Bean.

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Install Google Camera in Android Jelly Bean

 How to Install Google Camera in Android Jelly Bean

Android Root Access:

Like I already said, Google Camera app uses Photosphere, Lens Blur, 3D images and wide-angle shots. To support this features in your jelly bean, your Android jelly bean devices should possess gyroscopic sensor in it. Those who are using the Android devices which is below the version of 4.2, they should needs to root their Android devices. But rooting your Android devices may cause some damages to your mobiles. The Rooting process differs from one device to another device. Those who need a tip to root your Android device see the link below.

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Sensor Readout (Gyroscopic Sensor):

Before starting to install, check that is there any gyroscopic sensor is available in your Android device or not. If not, install Sensor Readout (open Source). I suggest this because it does not display only the list of the functions that it contains in your devices, it also displays whether the function works properly or not.

Note: If you want to check that the function works properly or not, just scroll down in Sensor Readout and click in gyroscopic sensor. A waveform is displayed.

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Download & Install Google Camera App:

To download the Google Camera App, you need to follow the Steps which are explained above. After finishing all the process, you need to follow the steps to download and install one by one below.

Download Google Camera 

  • Download APK (If it does not support on your device, then try to download 4.3 camera app).
  • Sideload APK. (The process of Sideload is that it is practicing for moving the files to your Android devices from another source).

Note: You can also easily download the required files to your Android devices by processing the XDA thread from your Android browser.

  • Go to Settings à Security à “Unknown Sources” (check box) to enable the abilities to install.
  • Then Finally Locate the Google Camera App to download and install in your Android devices. (To locate this in your Android devices, you need a File Manager like ES File Explorer).

Hope by following the steps, you may get the Google Camera App in your Android jelly bean.

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