How to Install Backtrack OS on Android Device

Android OS can be said as best compatible operating system  and it allows a user even to change operating system. If you are using android for more than one year, You may feel boring with it or you may be using any launcher for different user interface. Why you are using launcher when you are having options to change OS in Android. You can install backtrack OS on android device and also you don’t need to be a expert to do it. Before installing backtrack OS on Android Device here are some reasons why should we install Backtrack OS on Android Device.

Backtrack OS on Android

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Why should install Backtrack OS on Android Device:

Backtrack OS is well known for hackers, It is a Linux Distribution Operating system and main reason to install this OS is, This operating system made by world class hackers and security professionals with many hacking tools. It helps to test vulnerabilities on network, devices, systems and more. If you are a hacker, you should install backtrack OS on Android device to start hacking with mobile also. Here we go to install backtrack OS on Android Device.


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Required Apps:

  1. Busybox
  2. Linux Installer
  3. Terminal Emulator
  4. Zarchiver
  5. Linux Installer

The above apps can be download for free in Google Play

Step by Step Procedure to Install Backtrack OS on Android Device:

Make sure your device is with Data connection. It is better to do it in Wi-Fi Connection to download everything faster.

Step 1: Install Busybox from Google play and run the application in android device. It will install some required apps for further process.

Step 2:

  •  Install Linux Installer from Google Play,
  • Open the app and tap on Install Guides –> Tap on Backtrack
  • Now you can see a page how to install backtrack. Navigate to second page
  • Now click on Download Image to download Backtrack for android device and wait till it complete its download

Step 3: Install Terminal Emulator and Zarchiver from Google play store

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Step 4: Here the work starts for you. Follow this step carefully

  • Open Zarchiver
  • Search for Zip file you downloaded
  • Extract it in a root folder called Backtrack (Extract on SD card, Not in Internal Memory)

 Step 5:

  • Open Linux Installer and tap on Launch (Make sure the Linux installer is with correct file path. If it doesn’t shows any thing Go to settings –> Edit –> Change file path to SD card backtrack folder)
  • After it shows Backtrack on its menu tap on Start Linux

Now terminal emulator opens and ask you to set password and other some installation steps. After it done it shows “root@localhost~#”

Welcome to Backtrack, Now your device is with Backtrack OS. If you need Graphical User Interface in your device Install Android VNC from Google play store.

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Set settings in VNC as mentioned below: 

  • Username: backtrack
  • Password: backtrac
  • IP: from the “ifconfig” command or just put
  • Color Format: 24-bit

Tap on connect and now you can see complete backtrack in your device.

As a final step disconnect VNC and terminate backtrack in terminal emulator.

The above steps can be used to install Ubuntu Os on android device. If still there are any doubts or problem on installing Backtrack OS on android device, Feel free to comment. We will give proper solution for your problems. Best of luck Hacker, Give a try to it.


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