Install Android apps on pc without graphics card

Install android apps on pc without graphics card: Most of all the android emulators like Bluestacks, Youwave needs graphics card even to install in computer. So are you searching for a best alternative to install android apps on pc without graphics card? This article will help you to Install Android apps on pc without graphics card . If your system is with graphics card, you can try bluestacks which is a best one to use android apps on pc. To know more about bluestacks, Click here.

install android apps on pc


How to install android apps on pc without graphics card:

By using virtual machine, We can install Android OS on computer and also install android apps on pc without graphics card. Its just like installing an operating system in computer, but this operating system can be accessed inside the windows only.  To proceed with this, you need virtual machine and android operating system.

Get Virtual Machine:

Get Android OS:

Initial Setup:

First download both Virtualbox and Android OS from the above link and follow the below steps.

  1. Install Virtualbox as normal installation
  2. Open Virtualbox  and click on “New” Button
  3. Give a “Name” for installation of OS
  4. Select ‘Linux” in type and “Other Linux” in Version then click on Next
  5. Select RAM for your android OS. (Minimum 512 MB is enough), Click Next
  6. Check on “Create a virtual hard drive now”  , Click on Create 
  7. Check on “VDI (Virtualbox Disk Image)”, Click on Next, Select “Fixed Size” and Next
  8. Now select the size of the external drive for Android and also location to be saved, Finally click on Create
  9. You can see your OS name on the virtual machine, Select it and click on settings 
  10. Then Select “Storage” (in left side) then click on “Empty” (In storage Tree)
  11. Under “Attributes” (Right side), Click on Disk icon and select the downloaded android os file then click on OK

Installation Process:

Now click on Start in the main menu, You will get a booting screen

  1. Select “Installation – Install Android -x86 to hard disk” by using down arrow. Hit enter for the selection
  2. Then select “Create or modify partitions”  and click OK
  3. Select “New” and hit enter, Select “Primary” and hit enter and again enter in new screen which shows the partition of the disk
  4. Now select “Bootable” and hit enter then select “Write” and Enter button again and type “YES” and Enter again
  5. Finally Select “Quit” and choose the partition and again enter
  6. Select “ext3″ and select “YES” then hit enter
  7. Now you can see a windows which shows “Run Android -x86″ and hit on “OK”

Everything done, You can see the Android loading window. Make the initial settings for your android operating system and start enjoy android in your computer. If you found any difficulties on installing android os on your pc, comment it below, we will suggest proper solution. Now you can enjoy all the android apps on your pc itself.


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