How to Increase Ram memory in Android devices

Increase Ram memory in android devices to access everything quickly. Its a well known thing to everyone, ram memory in android devices plays a vital role on speeding up the device. The sales of android is increasing and everyone needs a android because of its open source and also billions of app. There are many android developers who gives many apps to comfort the users and also it brings everything inside a smartphone. But running many apps at a time will slow your smartphone. Suppose if you are having a very low ram memory smartphone like 512 MB ram, Its very hard to run many apps at a same time, and also many apps won’t support. But there is a option to increase ram memory on android devices. why are you wasting your SD  card Memory, You can use it as ram. This article will help you to increase ram memory in android devices.

Increase Ram memory in Android devices

Increase Ram memory in Android Devices:

Android is famous for its apps, There are many apps to Increase ram memory in android devices but before installing those apps first check whether your device is compatible or not. Because apps to increase ram memory uses swap method to change memory card as ram. Some devices need to be rooted to work with swap fail. Many manufacturers has disabled this feature. So before installing those app check your device first. You can check it using an app called “MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check” 


If you found your device is not compatible, Then root your Device. Click here to know how to root your android device. After making your device compatible you can use any one of the below mentioned apps to increase ram memory in android devices.

Apps to Increase Ram Memory:


This is a best and most recommended app to increase ram memory of your android device. To use this app, You need a high storage memory card. You can convert your memory card upto 4GB Ram. But this app costs Rs 628.85. Are you thinking to leave your idea to increase Ram memory? Don’t panic, You can also get this app freely.

Download Link:

Free Download:
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Other Recommended Apps:

Swapper for Root:

Download Link:


Download Link:

The above two recommended apps can be downloaded freely. Its a best way to increase you ram memory rather than buying a new phone for a fast device. Android is a new world which gives everything. Download any app and increase your Ram memory in android device.

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