How to View YouTube Videos in Offline

We all mostly remember that when Google released Android One Smartphone’s on Sept at India, they said that they are working for the way to view YouTube videos in offline. The basic reason for developing the plan is that the mobile users can download the videos while he had a network connection and he/she can watch those videos later without any network connection for the next 48 hours.

On 15th Dec 2014, at the event in Mumbai YouTube ‘Offline’ feature is got released for the India market. However, this feature can’t apply for all the videos. (i.e.) there will be some videos have this feature to view YouTube Videos in Offline. We can view YouTube videos in offline only through YouTube App and the users should sync with the YouTube.

According to John Harding (YouTube – Vice President of Engineering) said about this Offline feature that, “In a country like India, the future of the Internet is mobile. By launching this offline experience on YouTube in India today, we hope to help people move past the challenges of data connection, speed and cost to enjoy a smooth, buffer-free version of YouTube.” And he also shared that 40% of YouTube traffic in India comes through the mobile devices. Content providers such as T-series, Saregama and Yashraj Films will have their content available in the offline-mode.

Lets we see how to view YouTube Videos in Offline.

YouTube Offline

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How to View YouTube Videos in Offline:

            Step 1: To watch YouTube Videos in Offline, we first need to update the YouTube App in your mobile which is available in Play Store.

Step 2: Once the Update of YouTube App is over, it will show you that Offline viewing feature is added in this App.

Step 3: Like I already said all videos can’t available for offline viewing. You must see the extra button placed to download them.

Step 4: When the user clicks that button, it asks the user about the resolution that he/she need to download the videos to view later. Resolutions Available: 360p and 720p. Resolutions not Available: 1080p. The user can also set the default resolutions to download. But we want to know by downloading the videos in less resolution takes less data and make your internal storage free and you can also download more number of videos to watch later.

Step 5: When you make your mobile device to connect to the Wi-Fi network, the default videos gets download. If you want to access this, you need to go inside the YouTube Offline Settings. Inside that Setting, a slide menu bar is placed on the left. The user can also have the facility to change it.

Step 6: When the download function is get over, the video will get stored under the offline category. The user can view those download videos by just clicking the video that he/she wish to view.

Note: When the mobile gets the network connection, all YouTube Categories will be available for the user. But if there is no any network connection, the users have the Offline Category only.

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