How to use Facebook Image Comments in Smartphones

Facebook gives feature to comment on any thread for a better discussion. Few months before facebook introduced Image comment feature which attracted many facebook users. It helps a lot to discuss about any thread effectively. But Facebook founds this feature as an issues. It creates many error in facebook and sometimes it may let to lose some privacy. Facebook is trying to fix this problem. To avoid the problems and also to ensure security issue, Facebook does not allows this feature in facebook apps. This may seems to be big issue for facebook mobile users. However, There is a solution for this problem and it is specially for facebook mobile users. This article shows how to use facebook image comments in smartphone.

How to use facebook image comment

Use Facebook Image Comments in Smartphones:

Since facebook doesn’t allows image comments in smartphones, It is very hard to find a app with this feature for smartphones. So here is a trick to use facebook image comments in smartphones. It can’t be said as trick, Its just a simple thing but however many facebook mobile users are unaware of this option. Since there are no apps, If you like to use facebook image comments in smartphones just follow the below simple steps.

Image Comment:

  1. Open a browser in your smartphone ( Chrome Recommended)
  2. Log in into facebook using mobile version URL  (
  3. Now find the thread (POST) where you want to use facebook image comments
  4. Open that thread separately
  5. Now you can find photo icon near the comment box
  6. Tap on that icon
  7. Select Gallery and choose any image which you would like to insert

Now you can see image comment in your smartphone. Facebook is trying to bring this feature in its next update of facebook mobile app. However this system won’t accept GIF’s Images in comments. So we have to use any other formatted images.

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