How to Send Files in Whatsapp

Whatsapp admired different categories of people from teens to senior citizens. Nowadays people buy a phone which has a whatsapp facility. So that companies also launched Whatsapp in basic phone model also. Even though it gets popular among people around worldwide, we cannot send files in whatsapp and also videos which are more than 16MB in size. Also whatsapp trim some videos and Images originality. To overcome these flaws and to send files in whatsapp there is an android app, Whatsapp File Sender. Whatsapp file sender is an android application which helps you to send any type of files through whatsapp. This write-up will help you how to send the files in whatsapp with the trick behind this application.

share files in whatsapp

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Whatsapp provides much functionality from Whatsapp call to Whatsapp multimedia messages. But everyone encounters the problem in sending files and videos through whatsapp. Whatsapp allows you to share any multimedia contents with anyone but with the restriction of “don’t exceed 16MB”. And also the multimedia contents like images, videos lose their originality because of the automatic trim made by the whatsapp. So what would be the reaction of yours when we say, the above difficulties and flaws get it’s their full stop mark. Yes, the android app “Whatsapp file sender” resolves all the above problems.

Send Files in Whatsapp

Whatsapp file sender application allows you to send any type of files including Power point presentation, word file, apk Files etc., but must not exceed 160MB per file. It allows you to send any number of files without any originality loss with your friends and colleagues. It helpful for you to work without any interrupts by blocking ads. Any type of file extension is supported both on receiver and sender side. The main trick behind this work is if you add any file which is higher than the 15MB format, Whatsapp file sender converts those file into the audio format. I.e. File is encrypted into audio format and sent to the receiver. On receiver side, the receiver receives the file and decrypts it to see the message.

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And also it has many customizing settings like the app does not need to be start at every time we need to send a file. Instead select the file, select the options to send icon and choose Whatsapp File Sender. Then the file will be sent without the pop up of application.

How Whatsapp File Sender Works:

Whatsapp only supports Audio, Video and Image files alone. So instead of trying to make whatsapp to support other file formats, we can convert other file formats to whatsapp supportable formats like Video or Audio or Image. This is the logic behind Whatsapp File Sender. It will convert any format file into audio file which can be sent through whatsapp.


          Use the above link to download the Application or go to Google Play Store and download the Application. (Both sender and receiver must install the app)

  • Sender can select a file from your Mobile or you can send already received files. If your file is 160MB then it divides your file into 10 audio packets.
  • Sender must send all these packets to the receiver. Once the audio packets are ready it took you to Whatsapp or Whatsapp plus to choose the person.
  • Receiver downloads all these packets in Whatsapp and extracts the files in Whatsapp File Sender.
  • Whatsapp file sender has Extracted and Unextracted tabs for easy access.
  • Once the files were extracted, Whatsapp File Sender joins all the pieces of audio files into a single file.

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