[How-to] Root Android Devices

In this Technology world, Everything is possible with Latest Technology Devices. A phone is a best friend for Every Users. Everyone Depends on their Mobile. And no one can Move a day without Mobile. Starting from Communication, Now Mobile Phone is using for Various Purpose. But Mobile Phones are Manufactured by some Companies and We can use it as they Fix. These are for Old Phones only. Now in this Latest Technology World. Android OS Mobiles or Tablets can be Fix as we Like, Because Android OS is an Open Source Operating System. That is it can be full change as we Like. This can be done by Android Rooting.  This article shows how to root android devices.


What is Rooting:

Basically Rooting means, Moderating a thing a we Like. Technically Rooting is Nothing but Flashing the Custom ROM of an Android Device. If you are an Administrator of your computer, You can Change any settings as your Wish. But if you are a Other user than Administrator in your computer, You cannot Change Everything in Computer. Every Time it will as for Administrator Permission. While buying an Android Device, We are Getting it as Another user. By Rooting the Device we can be a Administrator of that Android Device.

How to ROOT:

Before Starting to Root, You should Prepare your Android Device for Rooting.
Get Ready to Root:
Don’t Root your Android Device at Low Battery, It will spoil the Entire thing. So Before Starting to Root Charge up your Android Device.
Take a Backup of your Android Device
Enable USB Debugging in your Android Device. There are Many Versions of Android and USB Debugging can be Enable by Different Method.
For Android Version 2.3:
Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging
For Android Version 3.0 – 4.1:
Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging
For Android Version 4.2:
Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap it Continuously till you get a note ” You are in Developer Mode”) Now again Settings -> Developer Option -> USB Debugging.

There are Many Methods to Root the Android Device.


  1. This is a simple Method, to Root by this Method, You have to Install Unlock Root Tool.
  2. Download Link: http://www.unlockroot.com/download.html
  3. This Tool is Supported to Most of the Android Devices.
  4. Install e Unlock Tool in your Computer
  5. Download your Device Driver and Install it
  6. Download Link: http://download.mobiledit.com/drivers/setup_cdd_android_1_0_7_0.exe
  7. Connect your Android Device with your Computer
  8. Open UNLOCK ROOT, And Click on Root. It will ask you to Select a Device.
  9. Select your Android Device from the List and Start Rooting
  10. After the Rooting Process is Completed it will show a Notification.
  11. Now Disconnect your Android Device from the computer and Restart it.
Now the Device is yours, You are the Administrator for your Android Device. Now you can do anything as you wish to have in your Device. It is advised to use only the Applications for Rooted Device. Don’t forget to Backup your Data from the Device before you Root.

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