How to Make Android device as Chromecast

Chromecast is a device which helps to stream online videos in TV if the TV is with HDMI port. Chromecast is a google product which helps to stream online videos in TV. To know more about Chromecast check the link Chromecast: Watch online Videos in TV. The chromecast device is available at $35 USD only, This is a cheap one but if you own a android phone you don’t need chromecast device to stream online videos in TV. You can make Android device as a chromecast device. The Android platform is seeing a drastic development because of its open source and also 1000’s of apps with it. Every stuff can be fulfilled with an android app. This same feature makes android device as chromecast device. This article explains you  How to Make Android device as Chromecast.

Android as Chromecast

How to change Android device as Chromecast device:

There is nothing much to be done to change a android device as a chromecast device. You just need the following stuffs only.

  • Cheapcast app for Android device
  • Television with HDMI port
  • HDMI cable to connect android device and TV
  • MHL Adapter to make the connection

Get “Cheapcast app” in google play store and install it in your android device. Cheapcast app runs in background only so disable it if you are not using the app.

Download Cheapcast 

Making Connections:

Most of the android device are without HDMI port to make direct connection with TV. If your device has such a port then by using HDMI cable you can connect your android device with tv. If the device is without HDMI port there is nothing to worry, it can be replace by MHL Adapter. MHL adapter costs low than the chromecast device.  Get a MHL adapter and make the connections using HDMI cable. Its all done, now you can enjoy online HD videos in your large screen with your family.

It is really a simple task to turn your android device as a chromecast device. Get the cheapcast app and a HDMI cable and enjoy your video in big screen. You can enjoy the videos form youtube, netflix and contents which supports google chrome. Moreover you can also share videos to multiple android devices. If you found any problem on making your android device as chromecast device comment it and we will give proper solution to rectify it.


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