How to lock whatsapp in all Smartphones

Whatsapp is a very famous instant messenger specially made for smartphone users. Whatsapp made the users to share their messages easily using internet access. The latest version of whatsapp is with many features like sharing photos, Voice call, sharing videos and more. . Whatsapp conversations tells the truth about a person how they are behaving and also with whom there are chatting and close. It is a very compulsory thing to make it unassailable by others. If a third person accessed your whatsapp and saw all your whatsapp conversation it won’t  be good. But a good thing with smartphone is its apps. There are many apps for smartphones to provide the users needs. Even Though there are many features in whatsapp there is no default facility to lock the whatsapp but it can be done by using apps. This article will explain about how to lock whatsapp in all smartphones.

lock whatsapp

Lock Whatsapp In Android: 

Lock for WhatsApp Keep privacy:

There are many apps to lock whatsapp, Here are two best apps to lock whatsapp in android. One app is with a special feature which takes photo using front camera when the pin entered wrongly. But this app works in smartphones with front camera. This app is also with the features like auto lock time settings, Low RAM usage, Simple Interface. Most of the smartphones are with front camera only. If you are the one with front, Don’t hesitate to use this app. This app is highly confidential and also it captures the stranger if they tried to unlock your whatsapp. This app can be downloaded freely from Google Play.

Lock for WhatsApp Keep privacy

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Lock for WhatsApp:

Suppose if your smartphone is without front camera, You can use this app. One can use either pattern unlock or Pin to unlock whatsapp in Android. This app is with easy user interface and lets you to unlock the whatsapp by pattern unlock or by pin.

Lock for WhatsApp

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Lock Whatsapp Windows Phone:

Unfortunately there are no apps to lock whatsapp in windows phone, But you can lock it by using a app which prevent strangers to access whatsapp and also other folders in windows phone. Folder Lock is the best app to hide the whatsapp. But this app costs Rs 110.

Folder Lock

This app also helps to lock folders, files, photos, videos, wallet and more. If you were in a place where many can access your phone then it is worth to buy this app to hide many files personally.

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Lock Whatsapp In Iphone:

As in windows phone there are no genuine apps to lock whatsapp alone in iphone, But there are many other apps which helps to lock apps, folders, pictures and more in Iphone. Here we suggest applocker which is a perfect app to lock whatsapp. You can get this app in app store.

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Lock Whatsapp in Blackberry:

Blackberry has genunie app to lock whatsapp. This app named Locks for Whatsapp which prevents to open whatsapp without password.

Locks for WhatsApp

If you lost your mobile any one could access your whatsapp and they can see all the conversations with your girl or boy friends. No one would like to happen, Soon get the apps to lock whatsapp and protect it from accessing by others. Share your valuable experience about the apps in comment and also comment your tech needs, We will give proper solutions to fulfill your needs.

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