Google Remote Desktop – Access Computer with Smartphones

We already know that there are lots of ways to control Computer or MAC from smartphones some of them are Teamviewer and VNC. Like that, Google remote desktop is also one of the chrome apps developed to access the computer or MAC by the user using his/her of any android devices or any systems. To use this app, there is no need to install any clunky desktop software to your desktop or MAC. To install this app, it takes only a little bit of time if the user has a technical knowledge with him. The disadvantage of this app is, it can work for any WINDOWS and OS X but it does not support for LINUX which makes worry to those LINUX users. To activate this app, it needs only Google Remote Desktop extension. You may also think it is quite safe by accessing the desktop using remote? Yes, it is quite safe because it has the facility of PIN where user can only operate the desktop by accessing that code. And the data’s also be quiet safe because this entire remote app is AES encrypted in a secure SSL connection. Let we get into the main part of how to install and what are the operations can be done by the Google Remote Desktop.

chrome remote desktop

Google Remote Desktop

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Google Remote Desktop Install:

Like I already said, to install this Google remote Desktop we need to spend only 5 min if the user has the technical knowledge. There are only four steps involved to get Google Remote Desktop. Let we see that one by one below.

  • To install this Google Remote Desktop, first the user needs to sign in Google. Then the user needs to be log in to initiate any Remote access session or need to participate in any screen sharing.
  • Then the user needs to locate this app in chrome web store. After that, the user needs to click the +free button which is available to add this app in their system.
  • Then the user need to confirm that app is successfully downloaded or not, if done successfully then the user needs to access that in his/her system.
  • Finally the user needs to search the Google Remote Desktop from the Chrome App launcher and then he/she needs to click the icon open the Google Remote Desktop app in their system.

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  Get Remote Assistance:

                         By using this, the user can access the desktop from anywhere. There are two ways are possible to access this apps which is available in Remote Assistance (i.e.) user to user screen sharing which is perfect for technical support and another one is My Computer which is used to access the computer from anywhere. By using the user to user screen sharing, the user can allow his/her friend to access his/her system or MAC. This Remote Assistance is entirely connects inside the chrome browser tab of both the user and computer (another’s one). For example if your friend had a problem with his/her computer then you can help him/her from that trouble or if you had a trouble with your system or MAC, then user friend can help to get out the user from that trouble. These things can happen only by using Remote Assistance. Let we some of the steps to get the Remote Assistance one by one below.

  • To get this Remote Assistance, the user needs to click the Get Started button in Remote Assistance.
  • Then the user needs to click Share button to make the system or MAC operated by another user. If the user is going to control the shared computer like Administration, then the user needs to click the Access button.
  • In that Sharing Computer, the app (Chrome Remote Desktop) displays Access Code in it. The user needs to enter the Access code inside that to take the Admin position for the sharing computer.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop shows the notification to the user who has access the sharing computer. If the user willing to stop Sharing the computer, then the user needs to click Stop Sharing which ends the session.
  • In the Accessing Computer browser tab, the shared computer desktop displays in it. This chrome remote desktop can be set in any different resorted or it may also be distorted.
  • If the user needs to end the session, then he/she just needs to click the Disconnect button. After clicking Disconnect, the user who is sharing the computer in the other end will get the notification about it.

Get Chrome Extension:

Android App:

      Access User’s Computer/MAC:

To access the computer from anywhere, then the user need to add his/her computer/laptop to the Chrome Remote Desktop. There is an advantage of adding Laptop to chrome remote desktop (i.e.) the user can access the computer to get the applications or files when you are away from the system or the user attending the meeting in office. In this one computer is fixed as terminal which helps to access the others systems which are connected to user’s Google account. Let’s we see the steps to access the computer or MAC below.

  • To access the computer, click the Get Started button appears in the My computer.
  • Then the user needs to click Enable Remote Connections to add his/her computer. After clicking Enable Remote Connections, the chrome will start to download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  • After the download of Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer,

Then the user needs to open the package installer and he/she needs to follow the steps which displays in the screen.

The User needs to create a PIN which displays in the screen. This   PIN code is required to access the computer from anywhere.

(Note: The PIN should be at least above five digits)

  • After PIN is created, the Chrome Remote Desktop host Preferences screen is displayed. In that, the user needs to enter the PIN which is already created before.

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Note: For Mac OS X users, the user can find this screen in System Preferences.

Some Notes: This process can be proceeding for many times to add all computers. But all the computers which is accessing or sharing the computer displays under My computer to the user (Admin). The x icon which is present in the right of the My computer helps to remove the computer name’s from the Chrome Remote Desktop. To connect the computers again, the user needs to click the name of the computer which is need to get access. The Sharing can be ended by either side of the user’s just clicking the Stop Sharing or Disconnect.

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