Google Project Fi will pay for your unused data


Already Android mobiles get more power with the help of Google. And now Google is offering the additional feature of providing data plan to all Android mobiles. The Google project  Fi which will help to pay for the user unused data (i.e.) This Google Project Fi is a new wireless cell service that will save all mobile numbers in Cloud and charges data only when the user uses the data.

Google project fi

Google Project Fi will pay for your unused data

This Google Project Fi will offer 4G internet connectivity to both T-mobile and Sprint networks. Additionally it also offers the feature of switching between the two networks (T-mobile and Sprint networks). This switch happens in a fly based by identifying which network getting the strong signal. This new wireless cell service will debut in Google Nexus 6 mobile. This Google Nexus 6 device will rely on Wi-Fi which helps to make possible data charging minimum. This Google Nexus 6 is a powerful device but it cannot be used by all because of its huge 6-inch display.

The Basic plan for this Google Project Fi is that it will offer the unlimited talk and text (which includes the international text) for $20 a month. The user can also has the facility add data to his/her plan for $10 for 1GB (i.e.) if the user want to use 1GB for a month then the user need to pay at least $30 likewise the user need to pay $120 for a month if he/she needs 10 GB. The cost for a 1GB ($10) will be same in over 120 countries. And it will be available without any annual contracts.

Google Project Fi does not consider anything about the user data plan. When the user uses the data, it charges. For example, if the user uses 1GB of his/her 2GB data plan, the user will receive the cash value for that remaining 1GB at the end of the month. Then the user Google Project Fi number will be linked with Google hangouts which helps the user to use his/her number from any other mobiles or computers to access something like Chat app.

This Google Project Fi is away from mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which helps to provide a service by using some other company network.

Brian Haven (Analyst at research firm IDC) thinks that this Google new wireless cell service has the great potential to make a big impact while compare with MVNO. He says that “With Android, [Google] already has a strong device portfolio”.

“I think that because they have a strong subscriber base that uses Google services, they have trust… it definitely has the potential to make a meaningful impact,” said Haven. He also believes that the T-Mobile and Sprint network will catch up to their biggest competitors by working with Google.

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Brian Haven notes that the partnership of this project can boost Sprint during their current “identity crisis”. And it will also help Sprint to “plug the holes from subscribes leaving”. He continued that “It made the most sense for these two, because they need to do the things that Verizon and AT&T don’t have to”.

According to The Wall street journal, the new Google wireless cellular service project has been developing for two years. And making the note that this is not the first attempt for the Google Company make people always connected.  Google already makes Google Fiber which offers the high-speed internet service where it is available in the selected cities.

If someone is interest to buy Nexus 6, live in an eligible Zip code and he/she tries to use Project Fi means he/she has the facility to sign up for Google Access Program. Additionally the user will get notify when the service becomes available. Google also offers to the user of 32GB and 64GB versions of its flagship mobile on Project Fi with the cost of $27.04 and $29.12 for a month and it will offer over 24 months. And there is an extra option to the user is that the user can even buy the mobile upfront starting with the cost of $649.

Project Fi

Haven also said that “It doesn’t sound like this is just about being a wireless operator. This could feed into everything else they do.”

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