Google Maps adds Virtual Reality Street View

              We already know that earlier this year, Google turned its full focus to virtual reality by launching of its Cardboard and now Google brings its functionality to support in Google Maps. Yes, now Google Maps adds Virtual Reality Street view support with the help of Google Cardboard. Even though Google Cardboard is not so much advanced as Oculus Rift and flash as Samsung Gear VR, this Google Cardboard (low-cost Virtual Reality) is still works good. By using this Google Cardboard, the user can take any of the tour around places with Google Maps Virtual reality street view.

Let’s we first see about the Google Cardboard. First, Google introduced this Google Cardboard in an I/O conference. It is quiet introduced as alternative to Oculus Rift. Google also has big plans on Cardboard that is why the Google Company creates the studio developer kit for third-party apps which helps the user to take an amazing virtual reality tour. It also offers the feature of immersive audio.

    Virtual Reality

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Google Maps adds Virtual Reality Street View

The VR mode is now available in Google’s popular navigation app (Android Version) which allows the people to virtually view around the cities all over the world through Google Cardboard. The user can also make his/her own Google Cardboard by using rubber bands, Velcro, magnets, lenses and cardboard. If you can’t make, then you can purchase the pre-made version like $22 Dodo Case and $20 I Am Cardboard.

To check out the new features offered in it is very simple. The user just needs to select the location which he/she wants to see and jumps into the Street view in Google maps. After doing that, the user should quickly double tap the refresh icon which is present at the bottom right of the screen. When the user double-tap that button, the screen gets split in two. This helps the user to change the view from regular perspective to virtual reality street view.

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If the user sees any of the cities around the world through Google Cardboard, then he/she will get the immersive look of those cities in Virtual reality street view. The user can also use this in their Android mobile without VR headset, though they will all see in a split-screen binocular view. This update is a great example for Google that it can do anything when it combines with its own services. Still why are you waiting for? Go and try this and get amazed..!!!

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