Google IO 2015 Expectations

Google IO 2015 fever starts and people started to think for the products that will unveil on Google IO 2015 on 28 & 29 of May in San Francisco. Since Google is doing some new things like making robots which fights for army, Google Material Design, Google Cardboard which brings 3 Dimension view inside a box. Google has successfully tested its self driving driverless car known as AUTO and it is moving around streets now. Coming with these, There are more Google IO 2015 Expectations. Since only few days more, Tech freaks have already started to search for Google IO 2015 things. Here we go with some Google IO 2015 Expectations.

Google IO 2015

Google IO 2015 conference is most awaited conference, A stage of developers, Geeks and more innovative products at a place. Google IO 2015 Android app is available on playstore to explore conference theme, agenda to personalize user keynotes, Social conversation and More. Get more updates on Android Application about Google IO 2015.

Google IO 2015 Android application

Google IO 2015

Google IO 2015 Expectations

Google IO 2015 would start with most expected Android M and M Stands for Marshmallow yummy dessert to be expected. Here are some list out which you can expect for Google IO 2015 conference.

Google Brillo – Google IO 2015 Expectations


google brillo

IoT – Internet of Things is one of the growing technology which helps to connect System of Systems. A simple thing which defines IoT is Accessing your Air Conditioner from smartphone. Google has come up with an Operating System named as Google Brillo which is Android based OS which requires 32 MB or 64 MB Ram. This can be used for Home Appliance, Security System, Hardware controlling and more. This Operating system will make IoT more easy where people can develop applications as like Android apps. Let’s wait till Google IO 2015 to know more about it.


Google Photo Sharing Service – Google IO 2015 Expectations

Google Photo Sharing

Google Inc to announce a new Photo Sharing web service on Google IO 2015 where people can able to share photos on Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter in easy way. And most important thing about this web service is, It is Independent of Google Plus. The trending of Photos and more specially on Selfies has made such web service to happen. Still Google is keeping its secret about this Photo Sharing Service. We will check more about this service on Google IO 2015.

Google Project Tango – Google IO 2015 Expectation


project tango

Project Tango can be said as innovative thing which is a Technology that views the world as like a human. This gives ability to a mobile device to do things with the view of Physical world from Tango technology. It uses Image Processing, Advanced computer Vision technology and also uses special vision sensors. This technology comes with features like

  • Motion Tracking
  • Depth Perception
  • Area Learning

Project Tango made to work for Android Platform devices that runs C, Java and Unity.


Google Project Ara – Google IO 2015 Expectation


Project ara

We are rolling out with smartphones for all time and sometimes we get bored with same smartphones. There are Android updates with little change in UI and some extra features to make all smartphone users not to hate. In same way how it would be if we can have updates to our smartphones hardware components ? Yes, It is going to be there with Project Ara.

Project Ara gives access to end user to update their hardware components of their smartphones. having 10MP camera in Smartphone, Needed 20 MP ? No need to change smartphone, Just update camera alone. Likewise screen, Speaker, Sensors and more. This is main concept of Project Ara. Latest trends on smartphone is having inbuilt memory, Non removable battery restricting hardware access to the users. Google is doing something new which gives full hardware access to its end users.

 Android Wear for iOS – Google IO 2015 Expectation


Android wear

Heavy competition with iOS Google is moving to make its devices to work for iOS too. After the launch of Apple watch, iPhone users started moving on it. To make things with iPhone users, Google has launched an iOS app which supports some basic functions like Voice Searches, Notifications, Google Now cards, and Voice actions. Meal while this war between Android Wear and Apple watch, Pebble is creating smartwatch which works both on Android and iPhone.

Android Auto – Google IO 2015 Expectation


Android Auto

Here we move for driverless car with Android Auto. Android auto provides features like Maps, Music, Voice access and some Android applications. A car which functions on Android which helps to run the car without drivers. Just sit inside car and choose destination in car. This Android Auto is designed with full safety purpose and works perfectly for Blind people. While travelling on can give voice command , Hear music, and also access some Applications like Skype, iHeartRadio, KiK, NPR Once Text Plus and more.

Android Home Thermostat – Google IO 2015 Expectation


Google Thermostat

Google is concentrating more on making Smart home to connect all the devices with Internet of Things. As first Step in Google IO there will be a new device, A thermostat which automatically maintains room temperature and gives commands to the devices in Room to maintain temperature. Even there is no need of remote to change the temperature. Thermostat will do everything automatically. Sounds cool !! It will be on Market soon.


Android M – Google IO 2015 Expectation


And at last here we go for most awaited Android M and M stands for Marshmallow a yummy dessert to be expected. Android Lollipop just arrived with Material Design concept and its only on few devices, Google is ready to launch its next Android Update, Android M which comes with some new features to connect with smart homes, Updated Security, Improved Notification,  Sync with Android Auto and more.

Android M


Security updates includes accessing applications with single login and providing access to only particular apps to be used by other apps. Android 5.1 Provided feature to track stolen phone and Kill switch option to make Android phone useless. With these things there will be one touch login to access all the apps in Android M.

Improved notification syncs notifications perfectly on Android and PC and once it is checked through PC, Android M will automatically clears notification on Mobile. And most important thing on Android M is, It works for Android Auto and to sync devices for Smart Homes. More technologies are coming up with Android M.


Google IO 2015 Expectations are even More

Google IO 2015 going to be next step for Automated systems for making Smart Homes and Driverless cars and more. Google also working on a Wireless cellular network for fast wireless communication known as Project Fi. Still there are lots of things to be unveiled on Google IO 2105 on May 28th and 29th. Cybertwitt will keep updating on new products by Google.

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