Google Gmail “Inbox” – Find what’s New is

Google produces a new strong hold to those people who likes all the apps and inventions that Google does by just creating a new one called Google Gmail “Inbox” with its Gmail team. But this new one is completely developed different from Gmail. By hearing this App, you may ask yourself that what it will do. – It’s really a nice question. Let me clear about Google Gmail “Inbox” – Find what New is.

Google Gmail “Inbox” – Find what’s New is

Google Gmail “Inbox” – Find what’s New is:

This App is really a good combination of both Google Now and “Inbox” (i.e.) “Smart” Inbox. But this app is limited for some group users only. If anyone wants to expand its user pool, he/she can use an invite system like Google already done for Gmail.  It can also available as an app for android, iOS and web. If you did not like to wait to access this app until you receive an invite message from your friend, there is another option also offered by Google to access this app by just sending a request to

While at introducing this app, Sundar Pichai (Vice President in Google and Indian Business) shares about the frustration things of overflow in Email inbox. He also wrote that Gmail “Inbox” is one of the good attempts to make the inbox easier to approach. But it always organizes not to effect too much to the user effort. Sundar also wrote that “For many of us, dealing with email has become a daily chore that distracts from what we really to do-rather than helping us get those things done”. He also wrote that “If this all sounds familiar, then this Gmail “Inbox” is for you. Or accurately this Gmail “Inbox” is works for you”.

Due to GIF form is fixed in this app, this app has the ability to show both the prioritized events and mails that the user received in Gmail. The Gmail “Inbox” has the major feature that it can automatically categorize the message into “Bundles” like Travel, Purchases and social. There is also another option offers in the app that the user can also create bundles from the tags of his/her friends or from some group messages. There is another feature is offered in this Gmail “Inbox”. Let we see that with an example. If the user receives a confirmation mail about flight but it was overflow by various text and email means, this Gmail “Inbox” helps the user to divide the Email’s and moves the very important messages to the top of the Gmail. It also offers the features to updates the information about the Flight delays and gate changes etc.

Even-though this app is in Invite stage, Google publishes the first stage of Invite to all over the world. Like I already said Google offer this Gmail “Inbox” app to run in iOS (iPhone) which has iOS 7 or more than it, Android which has jelly bean or more than 4.1 versions. In Nexus 6, this Gmail “Inbox” can run in image itself. Let we will wait and see whether this Gmail “Inbox” app got success or not .

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