How to Get Whatsapp free call

In this techno world, Internet conquer the planet, Whatsapp conquer the entire Smartphone users. You can see a phone without balance but there is less chance of phones without whatsapp. Whatsapp induces many people to buy an android phone or a phone with Whatsapp facility. Now Whatsapp going to feed your hungry by introducing Whatsapp free call. Whatsapp free call allows you to call and make chat with your friends at a free cost. Whatsapp free call is available for limited customers via invite only basis because still it is not officially released by Whatsapp. Let’s see a brief description about Whatsapp free call in this article. It may help you in future to use Whatsapp free call service.


whatsapp free call

Whatsapp free call

Free call through internet is not a new service, it is already offered by Facebook, Skype, and Line etc… Now Whatsapp also has entered into this free call war. Whatsapp aims to extend its number of users by introducing this free call option. As per reports, Whatsapp free call is limited and still in test phase. So that it is not available for everyone. As I already stated that Whatsapp free call is available via invite basis. Invite basis means, consider someone who has the whatsapp free call feature will call the person who does not have Whatsapp free call service. It leads the receiver to download the update.

Whatsapp free call works on your phone’s data connection. It does not take any extra charge other than your Internet balance. For best results it is advisable to use 3G or Wi-Fi rather than the 2G network.

How to get Whatsapp free call

There are two essential conditions to get Whatsapp free call on your mobile.

  1. Your phone must have latest version of Android OS (KitKat or Lollipop version).
  2. You must install the new version of Whatsapp 2.11.508 (Still this new version is not available in play store, if you need you can download it from official whatsapp page as an APK file) 


How the user interface looks?

The user interface of Whatsapp free call service is different from that of the normal Whatsapp interface. It shows some minor changes over it. Like, if you have a Whatsapp free call service, you can notice the new call icon after the search icon. Also new tab, “calls” is included in the place of chats and contacts.

whatsapp free callThe call interface is similar to that of the Smartphone’s contact directory. It records all the recent calls. Call logs for incoming, outgoing and missed calls are also included. On calling, you can see the name of the person and icons like disconnect button, speaker, message and mute similar to your normal Smartphone calling interfaces.

Though Whatsapp Free Call service is not officially released, the company plans to update the Whatsapp and make this service to everyone soon. There is also news that Whatsapp is planning to make the Whatsapp free call service as a “Paid apps”, before that download the apps and enjoy with it.


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