Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Some Assumptions

Samsung has already announced their flagship phablet devices for the upcoming year. The trend has been slightly altered by announcing two Galaxy Note devices this year. The typical Galaxy Note 4 with better and greater configuration than its predecessor; and another device named Galaxy Note Edge with a curved display around one side that looks like a sharp cut. Both devices are now under the spotlight and the enthusiasts are already gathering out there to know how much it is going to sale for and stuff like that. But we here, were having a thought – how would the Galaxy Note 5 look like? That device is indeed due for a long time from now; but Samsung has definitely started rolling the dices in their R&D department. It’s not only about the looks and feels but also about some futuristic packages of hardware.  Before more know about Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Assumptions some Assumptions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Some Assumptions

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For last four years Samsung has been releasing their flagship devices on a regular interval. Galaxy Note 5 is going to be the fifth generation and sixth Note device in this category however, since we know nothing about Galaxy Note 5’s whatsoever so we can’t ensure anything about the release date or specs as of yet. Bigger things have kept happening ever since the first Galaxy S and Galaxy Note device came out; who would have thought that this Korean giant would end up making some exciting Android smartphones and stand against Apple?

Not only against Apple but against their fellow Android smartphone manufacturing giants as well! Sony, HTC, LG, Asus etc. are the prone competitors Samsung has as of now and everyone has their device to take utmost pride in. Good stuff is, Samsung was the torchbearer in most cases and then everyone just had followed.

Galaxy Note 4 is full of dripping colors, high definition awesomeness and more than ever productivity. ‘Do you Note?’ the tagline kind of denotes the consumer base for the Galaxy Note 4. The facts are not going to change for Galaxy Note 5 consumers as well; only that they will be faced with another heavy payload of latest hardware packed piece of smart device.

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Samsung has different product range for different people. Like for example, the Galaxy S series and the latest addition to it; the Galaxy S5 is basically youth oriented who would love to have a smartphone with all latest features. Galaxy S5 is designed that way while the Note 4 and Note Edge are more focused towards the executive class. Business people who need more input flexibility on their smart devices prefer Galaxy Note over anything else and that’s why Galaxy Note 5 has ton loads of market potential.

Since the Galaxy Note Edge has already featured a bent display (unlike Apple’s bent smartphones); hopefully the next generation smartphones will start having different display dimensions.

The display gets better with every new flagship release. Note 5 will be no different and it is almost safe to assume that Note 5’s display will have 4k resolution.

And to provide better network; Samsung might introduce more LTE bands just like Apple did with their latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The signature S-pen will definitely go through some minor upgrades as well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumors will still take some time to be populated; and occupy the internet. By the time we get some legit information on the upcoming Note flagship we would be posting it on here. Subscribe us and do let us know what you feel about the upcoming flagships.


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