Free Internet service by Facebook and Reliance

          Facebook grows on day by day both economically as well as technically. Social networking is not only the reason for this drastic change. Because of its innovation ideas Facebook gets popular. Here, Get ready for another revolution. Yes, that revolution is going to start with INTERNET.ORG. Internet.Org is the service of facebook in collaboration with six mobile companies. Its main goal is to extend the circle of Internet connectivity users by giving Internet in an affordable price. With the collaboration of Reliance, Facebook launched Internet.Org app in India for Android users. Free Internet service by facebook in india with Reliance to extend internet connuctivity in india and some other countries. Let’s see more about in detail.

free internet service

Free Internet service

Internet.Org gets its appearance on August 20, 2013. Initially it is launched in selective countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia and Ghana. The mission of the Internet.Org is “to create awareness about the Internet to the two thirds of the world not still connected to the internet”. The mission is reached in Africa and Latin America. About 6 million people who not used Internet previously are connected to the Internet by Internet.Org. Hence, Facebook planned to extend its service to India because more than a billion people do not enjoy the Internet Services. So they planned to connect India.


In India, Internet.Org is launched by Facebook in partnership with Reliance mobile operator on February 10, 2015. This is the first time Internet.Org is available on region. Internet.Org app is available for six Indian states ( Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala and Telangana ). Reliance customers in this state can use this app.

Internet.Org provides more than 36 services to the Reliance users in Indian six states. The services include news, health, jobs, sports, communication, local government information and so on. Some detail description about the services provided is


  1. Aaj Tak news: To get the news of the country or city in Hindi.
  2. Accu Weather: To get the current weather information of the city.
  3. Baba Job: To get the job alerts.
  4. Bing Search: To find information.
  5. Clear Tip: For Booking tickets for Train and flights and to find their schedules
  6. com: To get the synonyms, antonyms, verbs for the words.
  7. Facts for Life: To get health and hygienic information.
  8. Hungama Music: Listen to the latest music.
  9. India Today: To find local news.
  10. Messengers: To connect with family and friends.
  11. Wikipedia: Find information.

Most of the services will be available in Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam and Gujarati. Reliance users can use this app by downloading Internet.Org app from play store. If you don’t have the smartphone means you can access Internet.Org via browsers using the following hyperlink

Detriments in Internet.Org

  1. Reliance users can only enjoy the feature of free internet. For other mobile operators it is not possible.
  2. It offers you to chat with friends at free cost but the pictures will appear blurred. To download those photos you must need an Internet Connection with data plan.
  3. Page loading on the featured phone is very slow.

Whatever may be, One day the whole world is connected by the Internet as per the dream of Mark Zukerberg.


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