Face unlock:On Android Phone

Securing our phone is very important, We are storing lots of important data in our Phone. Though there are many ways to secure our phone, The one of the most secured method to protect our phone is Face unlock only. Because simple Pin codes can be easily Hacked and can used by some others. There are many Software’s for Face Unlocking for Android phones, We have to download Face Unlocking software for old Android Versions, but in Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Version have this feature by default it self. This article will explain how to activate Face Unlock Feature in Android Ice Cream Sandwich Version 4.0


How to activate Face unlock on Android 4.0 Version:

Face unlocking is a default one in Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 version. To activate this, Just follow the simple Steps Given Below:

-> Settings -> Lock Screen
-> Tap on Security Screen -> Lock Screen -> Face Unlock
-> Some information about the Face Unlock will be shown, Then tap on Set it up
-> While Capturing your Face, Hold the Phone at Eye Level
-> Click on “Continue” and hold the phone at the eye level and wait for some time
-> Then again tap on Continue after the Phone had Captured your Face
-> You must Set a PIN to reverse the option. Set the PIN

Things to Remember:

Hold the Phone Horizontally while Capturing your Face
Most of the times this Software won’t work because of Brightness and Environment Climate
There should not be more Brightness

Activate Face Unlocking Feature in your Android Phone and keep it safe from other Strangers. Suppose your Phone got Stolen, The Thief can’t do anything without unlocking the Phone. Keep it safe and protect it.

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