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Whatsapp for PC: Whatsapp for PC is a most needed thing for all. Whatsapp is a famous messenger for smartphones which shares messages using internet service. There are many smartphone users having whatsapp account. Whatsapp is specially developed for smartphone users. But many non smartphone users try to use whatsapp in their mobile also, But whatsapp supports only on smartphones and Symbian phones only. Because these mobiles only provides the whatsapp requirements.

whatsapp for pc


As the next step i tried to bring whatsapp in computer. Bluestacks is a great emulator which brings all the android apps in computer which includes whatsapp also. But using whatsapp in computer does not comforts the users and also Graphics card is a must one to install Bluestacks in computer. So those who are having computer without graphics card cannot enjoy Bluestacks in their computer. Then i tried Virtual box to bring android in computer which does not needs graphics card. But virtual box works very slowly and it takes more than 10 minutes to load fully. Whatsapp is famous for its fastest message transfer so it won’t be very much useful. So i surfed over internet and tried to find out a best way to use whatsapp in computer. As a result i found a alternative app for whatsapp which is a unofficial for whatsapp. This article gives complete details, Download and Installation process of whatsapp in computer. 

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Whatsapp for PC:

There is no perfect app to bring whatsapp for pc. So i tried to find an alternative for whatsapp. By luck i found a app which is linked with whatsapp and contains all the features of whatsapp. This app named as Wassapp which brings all whatsapp features in computer. It is a perfect one and also best alternative whatsapp for PC.

Whatsapp Alternative Wassapp:

Wassapp is a non-official client for whatsapp messenger which can be installed in computer. This is actually not whatsapp but it can connect with whatsapp client server unofficially and helps to connect with other whatsapp users of your mobile phone. To install wassapp on pc, The system requires Windows XP and later OS, .NET Framework 4.0 and Internet connection.

Download Whatsapp (Wassapp) for PC

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How to work: 

There is nothing more to say for installation process just Download Wassapp from the above link and install the app in your computer as normal installation.

  • Open Wassapp application in computer
  • Select Country
  • Click on Login if you already have whatsapp account
  • Click on Register if you are new whatsapp user
  • To register directly from computer you have to enter IMEI  number( Dial *#06# for IMEI number,    For Iphone users, Go to Settings -> General -> About -> MEID) 
  • Sometimes it shows error, If you got any error while registering, Create a whatsapp account using smartphone, If you don’t have any smartphone move your sim card to a friend’s smartphone and register whatsapp in friend’s smartphone.

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Wassapp gives all the features as in Whatsapp, You can enjoy it in large screen and keyboard in computer than in small screen, small keypad in smartphone.

  1. Group chat
  2. Last Seen
  3. Emoji (Smileys)
  4. File transfer
  5. Nickname retrievals
  6. Message Notification

Do you need any other features than above mentioned features? Its a great thing to use whatsapp (wassapp) in computer. Even Though its a non-official app for whatsapp, It connects to whatsapp client without any problem. By using this app you can share messages from computer to mobile phones easily. If you found any problem on installing this app comment it below and also share your valuable experience on using wassapp in your computer.

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