How to Download APK files from Google Play store

Android is still in its filed and playing game better with high scores. Most of the mobile products are of android and now Nokia is also going to launch android in their products. This shows how Android OS ruined all other OS. Android OS is powered by Google Inc., and its launching updated versions every year with lots of amazing features. Android is very famous for its apps, What ever a android user need he / she may get it through apps. As there are many android apps Google officially launched a Store where all android apps can be found. But in Google play store one can directly install apps to their device. So one can’t get APK files from play store and also one cannot share the app with other without APK files.  To over come this problem here is a way which helps to download apk files from Google Play store.

Download APK files from play store

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Download APK files from Google Play Store:

Before getting into it, If you are now aware of what is APK file here is a small explanation about APK file. APK is a file format like ZIP file and it contains all the data about an app. When you install an app using APK file, It actually extracts that file and access data in it. Lets start the game to download APK files form Google Play Store.

  • Download APK downloder chrome Extension from the below link
  • Link:
  • Open Extension in Google Chrome and Drag that file in extension page and install the extension (Menu–> Tools –> Extension)
  • You can see extension logo near the address bar
  • Now you have to configure APK downloader
  • Select Menu –> Options –> Enter Gmail ID , Password and Device ID. (To get device ID for android mobile dial “*#*#8255#*#*”  for Tablets download “Device ID” app from play store.
  • To download APK file, Go to play store and open the app you want to download, Now click on that extension near address bar. You can also share this app easily with this extension.

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Now you can download any apps APK easily and also share the files. If you found any troubles on proceeding the above steps give a comment. We will give proper solution for your problem.

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