How to Create Android apps for Websites

The evolution of smartphones has made everyone to get anything at the instance they need. Smartphones are very popular because of the apps in it. Most of the smartphone users have started to use more apps to manage their daily schedules. A new trend in smartphone is having Personal Assistant like Siri for iPhone, Cortana for Windows phone to manage schedules even more easier. Everyone would like to have personal assistant like this app. This shows the importance of smartphone. So one of the easiest way to promote website is making apps for website and publishing it. This may helps the users to check updates for your website regularly. Here we go to create Android apps for websites.

android apps forwebsties

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Create Android apps for Websites:

There is nothing new to teach for a blogger, because every blogger would google anything they need. As like other bloggers i too google’d “how to create android apps for websites” and i got 1,08,00,00,000 results. Here’s my work started, I checked many websites and tried to find out best one for creating android apps for websites. Everyone would like to get apps for free for websites so i specifically searched for free services which creates android apps for websites for free. There are many free services for this but most of them shows only article title in app and when i click on that article it opens browser. No one would like to have app like this. And also most of the free service apps doesn’t gives profession touch for apps. After reviewing more than 10 webapps for creating android apps i found Appsgeyser is the best one for free service.

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Appsgeyser is a free webapp which helps to create android apps for websites and also for youtube channel. These two are important for bloggers, More than these stuffs it also helps to create custom browser, TV/Video Channels, ebooks, HTML, Webapp news, games and more. It shows live preview while creating apps. One can set custom logo for their app, Give title for app and more. It does not shows its identity in app. After creating app, This webapp also provides facility for uploading apps in playstore and it gives custom  download links for the apps so one can easily share the apps. What you need more than these features? Why are you still waiting for go to Appsgeyser and start creating your apps.


  • Create apps for websties, youtube, games, HTML, Document and more what a user need
  • Can set custom Logo
  • This site does not shows its identity
  • Shows live preview
  • Provides download link
  • Easy upload to Google play
  • Easy share
  • Free Service

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Create awesome and cool app for your website and share your experience on creating apps in appsgeyser.

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