Control Smart TV with Android Smartphone

In day  to day life, there are lots of OS(Operating System) are developing for the technology development. In that type,Android an Operating system,which was  developed  by Andy Robbin for the purpose of Mobile device and it was now owned by google from  Andy Rubin. Android is one of the most popular operating system because, Android is an open source operating system. Since it is open source any individual can get it’s source and modify for themselves based on their requirements. This made everyone to use android for their product. Yes, Android can be installed in automobiles, Smart TV, Smart watches and more. This provide a way to control smart TV with android smartphone. Do you have smart tv in your home and you own an android smartphone ? Then you can control smart tv with android smartphone in a simple way. More over you can also display Images from smartphone to smart tv, Play videos in Smart TV with Android. Bring everything from Small screen android smartphone to Large screen Smart TV. Let’s see how to control smart tv with android smartphone.

Control smart tv with android

What is Smart TV

Before getting into subject let me tell you something about Smart tv. SMART TV(connected t.v or hybrid t.v) is the one of the updation of technology especially based on the internet connection.we can also connect mobiles through smart t.v and we can access that t.v by searching, browing, watching movies and videos etc. There are lots of application also introduced to control the Smart t.v .But using Android OS,we can access and control the smart t.v easily.

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How to Control Smart TV with Android Smartphone

A big advantage of having android is you can get many apps for android. If you own an android smartphone they you can complete many tasks, Perform many stuffs with android. Yes, These all can be done with android apps. There are tons of android apps in play store and billion of android apps on web. Since it is open source operating system, A developer can change the root access and develop any apps as he wish. So one can make their android smartphone as joystick, One can make their android as their personal assistant like Siri and Cortana. If you are not aware of it, Click here to know more about it. More over you can Play PSP,PS3, XBOX Games On Android device. These stuffs can be done with android apps, Like that to control smart tv with Android smartphone there are many apps. We tested many apps and finally got a best app for you to control smart tv with Android smartphone.

Android app to control Smart Tv with Android Smartphone

To control smart Tv with android smartphone we are going to use an android app Smart TV Remote.

Download Smart TV Remote 

  • Download and install this app in android smartphone
  • Just tap mobile with four fingers, This will get you buttons
  • This app helps to change channel by number or you can have shortcut for channel to change it in easy way
  • Check this link for video tutorial for this app and know this app features.
  • URL :

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 To display Images from smartphone to smart tv you can use Gallery Cast Fee android app.


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