Bugs in Android Lollipop Solved

Even though, there are lots of new features are available for the Nexus users through new software – Android lollipop (Android 5.0 version), there are some of the major bugs also presents along with this new software. Wi-Fi connection stability and video playback are some of the major bugs included in it. Lets see what are the bugs in Android lollipop and ways to resolve using Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 9. These ways can also be used for other mobile phones too some may work correctly.

lollipop bugs

Bugs in Android Lollipop

Users who updated the new software-Android Lollipop in their device has point out lots of problems and issues in their devices after using the new software-Android Lollipop especially the Wi-Fi connection instability in Nexus 5. Some of the users also point out video playback as problem in their device after ASUS Nexus 2013 tablets updated. Lets we see some of the bugs list in Android Lollipop and possible ways to resolve it.

Android Lollipop Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity has become the major and repeated problem for the Nexus 5 users who updated the Android Lollipop in their devices. Even though lots of things updated, this bug still did not remove and it’s just keeps on coming back with updates. The correct solution for this problem is still not found out. But there are some usual solutions are available (i.e.) Toggle Airplane mode into ON or OFF, Reconnect to Network, Reboot, Restart your router or switch b/w the Wi-Fi frequency bands. If you need only the proper solution, then you must need to wait for the software update.

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Android Lollipop Missing system .img error

Even you did not use lollipop version, the issues can begin in your device. Some of the Nexus 5 users have flashing the factory image as problem while the Android Lollipop install’s itself. During this procedure, the users are informed as missing system .img error. To resolve this, the users can manually flash the img files in one by one rather than of using flash-all.bat.file.

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Android Lollipop video playback

Next to the Wi-Fi connectivity, Video playback on default video player and YouTube apps plays a major problem for the ASUS Nexus 7 users. This problem also affects YouTube while opening via Chrome browser. While this problem occurs, clear the cache of YouTube which is available in Settings Menu and reboot it. This solution is for temporarily fixed only. If you are in the worst situation, then backup all the data’s present in your device and do a factory reset. Then you clear the cache partition. This solution is especially for worst case.

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Android Lollipop App Switcher

The recent app card stack is one of the new additions in Android Lollipop for multitasking. But everyone will not be a fan for this. Due to this app card stack, most of the apps become slower in their performance. To avoid these types of issues, the user needs to clear the list that makes to avoid this problem on some cases and some of the users are pushed to swipe until the random cards go away in their device.


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