BlackBerry Messenger BBM Vs Whatsapp

BBM vs Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger is now going to shine in Android and IOS smartphones which will conquer Whatsapp. BBM is a famous instant messenger app for blackberry smartphones. This app works in Blackberry smartphones only but now BBM is coming to Android and IOS. BBM will supports in Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean in Android Versions, It will be also available for future coming tastier Android Kitkat, for Iphone it works in IOS 6 and IOS 7.Every smartphone users specially android and Iphone will have doubt what new in BBM. Is BBM is same as Whatsapp or any special thing with it? There are many features in BBM than in Whatsapp. if there is competition between BBM Vs Whatsapp, surely BBM will won the prize. So what’s new in BBM? This article will show you features of BBM and you decide yourself which is best. BBM or Whatsapp.



BlackBerry Messenger, BBM is an Instant message service which is more Secure, Privacy and also with good interface. There are more than 250 million whatsapp monthly users but BBM is with only 60 million monthly users. This survey was taken on june 2013 this not means BBM is not worth. In the month of june BBM app works in Blackberry smartphones only while Whatsapp works in all Android and IOS smartphone. Now BBM has launched its app for android and IOS which will change the survey viceversa.

BBM Vs Whatsapp:


There are more than 10 billion messages sharing for a day using BBM and also the daily users for BBM is 51 million out of 60 million users. But the whatsapp is just with 50 million daily active users and 31 billion messages are sharing in a day. This shows a little low performance of Whatsapp while the BBM is better in performance. And also shared BBM Messages were read within 20 seconds which shows the sharing of message is very fast but whatsapp take a little bit longer time.


Whatsapp takes the mobile number as the user ID which is a small drawback in whatsapp, because we have to give our mobile number to chat or invite a new person and sometimes this may cause problem. But BBM app gives Pin number which helps to get connected with friends.

Delivered and Seen Reports:

Many whatsapp users thought that the two ticks in a message denotes that the message was delivered and read. But actually the two ticks denotes that the message delivered to the server and delivered to the phone. This creates problem between to whatsapp users and makes the users thought they saw the message and didn’t reply.


But BBM app shows the delivery and seen report by blue D symbol and green R symbol near the message. This makes the conversation good and also they can’t escape without replying.


Whatsapp is uses phone number to connect two users. So anyone can get connect with a whatsapp user if they have their number. And also whatsapp shows mobile number in group chat which is a insecure one. Anyone can get you number from the group chat. This is highly insecure while the BBM uses only a PIN code to connect two users which is more secure. And also one have to send request to chat with a BBM user. But whats app didn’t ask permission to chat. It allows automatically to get connected. BBM is a best one for secure connection.


As whatsapp is phone number based one, If you are happened to change your number or surrendering your number to anyone they could access your contacts in whatsapp.  But BBM uses PIN code and also the details will be saved in phone. If you are happened to change your phone you can use BBM Cloud service to store all the data and you can delete it from phone. This is also a great advantage in BBM. And also Whatsapp shows last active time. This is not a big issue but it seems to be a big thing for someone who wants to hide from their loathe friends.

Features in BBM:

BBM is with Video chat, Voice chat, and also with Socialize over app, Status in social medias and group chat. The alpha version of BBM for Android and IOS devices is with text chat only. Soon BBM version will be updated with all the facilities for the users and also BBM can be downloaded freely for Android and Iphone. BBM seems good and works well thean whatsapp. Since BBM is with its alpha version only. So it is better to use this app in this beta version. Because alpha version is out of many features. Get BBM in blackberry official website


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