Best SMS backup apps for android

Reading old SMS conversations of lovable one are golden things, Reading those cute conversations with your lovable one after few years is a great thing. So  are you thinking about your lovable one? Do you want to save all lovable conversations and wanna read it after many year? Just start taking backup all your SMS conversations now. If you are a android users you can enjoy this. This article will give you some best SMS backup apps for android device. But taking backup in computer is not a safe one, Anyone could see it or it may be affected by virus and one day you may forced to delete it. So i searched for SMS backup apps for android which won’t take SMS backup in computer, It will sync directly all the SMS to your Gmail account. Even you need don’t to establish any wire connections, This app will Sync all the SMS to Gmail directly. Here some Best SMS backup apps for android. 

sms backup apps

SMS Backup plus:

This is very best SMS backup app for android, It backup all the SMS, call logs in Gmail labels. You don’t need to update manually, It will sync automatically all the SMS, call logs to gmail once the device connected with internet. You must enable IMAP in gmail to access this app and also install this app in phone memory, If it is in SD card this app won’t work. It can be downloaded freely from the below link

Download SMS Backup +

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How to Enable IMAP in Gmail:

  1.  Login into your account
  2.  Go to Settings
  3.  Settings -> Forwarding and POP / IMAP
  4.  Enable IMAP
  5.  Save the settings

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  • Automatically Backup all SMS, Call Logs to Gmail
  • Restore facility also available
  • Easy access
  • User friendly

There are more than 19200 recommends for this app and also the user reviews are good.

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SMS Backup:

This app is same as SMS backup plus, It is with all the features as in SMS backup plus. Install both apps and use the app which suits you and comforts you. This app is with automatic update and restore facility

Download SMS Backup

Email My Texts:

This app is more advanced than SMS Backup and SMS backup plus. It is with many features and also this app gives you the options to upload SMS other than Gmail. The SMS can be updated in Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more services. But this app costs Rs 300. It is better to use above apps than using it for cost. If you want to upload SMS to other services than Gmail, You can buy this app.

Download Email My Texts 


  • Printing SMS
  • Email SMS
  • Free upload to Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote
  • Forward Email
  • Backup

To upload in Google drive, or in Dropbox you need Dropbox app and Google drive app. This app is worth for its cost and saves all messages securely.

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