Keep Android Smartphone and Battery Efficient

                                  Hello Readers,today we are going to learn something about how to increase the battery efficiency,productivity and performances for the Android Smartphones.Some of the Android Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC are more powerful but the battery life of that phones gives big disappointment to the users.Some of the Android mobile users are also happy about the battery life of their phones because of their phones have the capacity of charge through one full day by keeping the charge at night.,Do you think it works all the time ? My opinion is,it may get failed in sometimes.Many people also think that,Is the follow ways may suits for the low-end and low-budget?Yes,it will.By using this,the low-end and low-budget Smartphones users also starts getting more out of that Smartphones.There are lots of ways to keep Android Smartphone and Battery  efficient.In this article,let we see some of the best and simple ways to keep Android Smartphone and Battery efficient in one by one.


keep android smartphones and battery efficient

Keep Android Smartphone and Battery Efficient:


                          The android developers must always eyeing on improving the battery efficiency of their respective apps.They eagerly work hard for increasing the battery efficiency(to reduce the battery usage) while fixing other bugs with each and every update of their apps.Eventhough some of the user configured their phones for automatic updates,some of the apps still requires the manually install apps.”SETTINGSàAbout DeviceàSoftware Update”is the way to check whether the user have the possible of any software update.

(Note:In Software Update,Click the Check for update button to check whether there is any software update)

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Most of the Android Smartphones offers some of the features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, LTE etc which is great but there is no need to keep all that services ON for 24 hours and Android also keeps location based apps which is resident in the background of the phone and the constant drain on the  battery in phones will become noticible as fast.If there is an option of power control widget in Smartphones,use it to turn ON or OFF Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, LTE quickly.


                          From the heading,you can understand that the Android user should not use the unnecessary home screen widgets and live wallpaper.Because,eventhough the phone is inactive and harmless,it doesn’t mean that the phone will not to consume power.(i.e)While the phone home screen widgets is completely harmless and inactive,the phone sucks more power from the battery than the phone in active.The Live Wallpapers and Home screen widgets may be look very preety to the user’s but it consumes more pwer from the battery.


                          If the phone user is placed in week signal coverage,the phone starts to work hard to get the signals which makes the battery power loss more than normal time.For this problem,the user can’t do anything.If the user don’t need data or voice calls services,the user can keep that phone as Flight mode which stops the phone from latching the signals.

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                        Most of android user don’t know that Turn down Brightness and off the automatic brightness option helps the Smartphone to have a better battery life.The screen of the android smartphone is the biggest battery latch and consumes lots of lower from the battery.By Turn off Automatic Brightness options and keeping the brightness down will make the phone battery more efficient.

Just try these ways and you will surely realize that the battery efficient of your Android Smartphone is increased.

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