Battery monitoring apps for Android [Free]

Before 10 years the mobile phones with fully charged battery might be work for maximum 3 days or more depends on the user uses those mobiles. But today’s Smartphones can’t even work for the whole day even when it gets fully charged. The reason is now a day’s Smartphones offers so many features like Touch-screen, GPS and other sensors, Camera etc. The average time period of Smartphones battery is maximum 8 – 12 hrs.  Whatever we do, we can’t save our Smartphones battery to work for at least 1 day (except making the Smartphones switch off with fully charged). But we have the option to monitor the state of the mobile to charge by using battery monitoring apps for android. We can also optimize the device settings to improve the battery life by using battery monitoring apps for android. In this article, lets we see some free battery monitoring apps for android which helps you to monitor your Smartphones battery life.

Battery monitoring apps for Android

Battery monitoring apps for android [Free]

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor, the Battery monitoring apps for Android helps the user to look for their Smartphone battery status. This Battery Doctor app also helps the user to know which apps are making the Smartphones battery to drain by tracking it. By using this Battery Doctor – Battery monitoring apps for Android, the user can save the battery life by automatically scheduling the profiles. For example, first you need to set your Smartphone to switch automatically into the airplane mode when you are in a meeting, class or asleep. Once you set those settings then if you went to class/meeting/asleep, your Smartphones automatically turns into the Airplane mode.

Note: This Battery Doctor app also supports for iOS.


DU Battery Saver & Widgets

DU Battery Saver & Widgets, the Battery monitoring apps for Android comes with the feature of convenient control widgets and one-touch power optimization. Additionally this DU Battery Saver & Widgets app comes with the feature of convenient smart presets which helps the user to save their Smartphones battery life. It also offers some other options like User-defined modes (to create), battery charge-state monitor & app power usage (to view).

 Juice Defender

Juice Defender, the Battery monitoring apps supports only for Android. Even though this Juice Defender app has the last update on 2012, Juice Defender app is one of the most Google play store favorite app which is still using by others to save their Smartphone battery life. This Juice Defender app offers some of the features to users like battery widgets, battery saving presets (one-touch power optimization), mobile data and Wi-Fi toggles.


Snapdragon Battery Guru

Snapdragon Battery Guru, the Battery monitoring apps for Android makes the user to use it comfortable. After initialization this Snapdragon Battery Guru app, this app spends seven days to monitor the Smartphones (i.e.) how many hours the Smartphones actually active, which app the user uses continuously & when / where you turn-on your Wi-Fi or network access. After monitoring all those things, the Snapdragon Battery Guru smartly adjust the settings of the user Smartphones.


Carat, the Battery monitoring apps for Android which does not works normally like other battery monitoring apps that I mentioned above. After the installation of Carat app, the user needs to open this app and let this app to take measurements of your Smartphone battery level, running apps, memory utilization, CPU etc. After taking those measurements, this Carat app sends that information to Carat team’s cloud servers for analysis. After seven days of analysis, the app shows some of the lists to users to improve their Smartphones battery life like list of apps that consume more battery power & comparative energy efficiency score relative to other users.

Note: This Carat app also supports for iOS.


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