Automatic Brightness controller for Android Devices

Android devices are with many features and it brings the world in our hand. But whatever it is, the battery power comes to downs quickly in android devices. We already wrote an article about how to save battery power in android phone. This article is with many tips to save battery power. The first place for saving the battery power goes to the brightness of the screen. Brightness of the screen plays vital role in consuming battery power. Using the device in 100% of brightness will consumes more power. So the only way is to adjust the brightness according to the environment. But each time you may have to adjust the brightness of the battery according to the environment. You have to go to settings-> display -> brightness. There is no inbuilt app for automatic brightness for old android devices, Samsung galaxy S4 is with inbuilt automatic brightness adjustment of screen. but accuracy level is very low. To get accurate result to adjust the brightness of the screen there is an app. This article shows Automatic Brightness controller for Android Devices.


How to set automatic brightness control in android devices:

Velis auto brightness is an android app which can be used to adjust the brightness of the screen automatically. No rooting is required for installation. This app actually replace your work for changing the brightness of the screen by going to settings -> display -> brightness. The main reason for installing this app is to save the battery power of the device.


The device should be with a sensor device which detect the brightness

How does it works:

First you have to set the brightness of the screen for different lighting environment, then the app will store all the brightness control for different environment and its automatically changes the brightness of the screen for different environment.
This app will show the result in graph form and two adjusting bars will be displayed, by adjusting it for various light environment the app will save it and for the next time it will change the brightness of the screen automatically.

Download Link:

You can get Velis auto brightness app in Google play store, the link from Google play store in given below:


  • Works to save battery power
  • Sensitivity adjustments
  • Customization of brightness for different environment
  • Profiles can be set
  • Easy interface
  • Custom sensors are supported
  • Reduce the brightness more than the limit in very dark environment (super dimmer)
  • Shows result in graph form
  • Additional brightness
  • Uses only sensors and consumes battery power


  • Sometimes it will flicker
  • This app protects APK apps installation for some devices

Velis auto brightness app is more usefull who oftenly moves from a place, especially for students and business people. This app really works great in saving the battery power. For a good result don’t set the brightness of the screen to 100% even if the device is in the direct sunlight, this will harm the battery power. Use the app for the better saving battery power.

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