Apps to Check Movie Reviews

Working for a week and enjoying the weekend is a normal workers life cycle. To work for next one week, One have to use the weekend properly and have to relax as much he/she needs. Some people sleeps, some goes for vacation, some will just watch tv and some will go for film. This article is for those who goes to films in their free time. The weekend will be really great if the film is good. Suppose if the film is not good, That may also disturb the mind and he can’t relax at that day. So before going to any movie, It is better to check the review of the movie. Now you can check it in your Phone itself. There are many apps to check the review for the latest and even old movies. Here are some apps to Check Movie Reviews.

How to check movie reviews in phone:

Before entering into theater, Just check the movie buffs, There are several apps for Movie reviews. Not only the movie reviews, It will also shows the informations about This article will give top four apps for movie review.

1) IMDb:

It is the one of the best app for movie review. It is with more than 1 million movies and TV shows reviews. It show the critics from fans. It shows the stuffs link
  • Trailer
  • Old and new movie reviews
  • TV shows
  • critics
  • Gallery
  • Box office
  • Coming Soon movies

Download Link:

2) BehindWoods:

From this app you can get updated news on Bollywood and south indian cinemas. It shows the contents like
  • Latest movies reviews
  • Music albums and song reviews
  • Actor interviews
  • Movie news
  • Slideshows and more

This app is for south indian cinema and Bollywood. Get this App from the below link

Download Link:

  • For Android users:
  • For Windows Phone users:
  • Windows 8 Users:

3) Rotten Tomatoes:

It shows the contents like
  • Hollywood movie reviews
  • Box office collection
  • DVD releases
  • Reviews about old and new movies
  • With many screen shots
  • Critics
Showing the Box office collection is a best way to know about the movie. If the collection is very high it is really a good movie.

Download Link:

4) IndiaGlitz Movies:

This App is specially for Indians, It shows the reviews of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bollywood Films it also shows
  • Trailers
  • Video Interviews
  • Film News
  • Gallery
The videos will stream in the app itself, you can get this app from the below link

Download Link:

  • For IPhone users:
  •  Android users:
  •  Windows Phone Users:
  • For Windows 8 Users:
Film is to relax your mind. Before moving to theater it is better to check the film reviews. The about apps will be more useful to check the movie reviews and movie news in your phone itself. Download it and make use of it.

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