Apps for complete backup and restore mobile data

Mobile phones plays a vital role in an individual life. Its very safe to store a data in mobile phone than computer. But those datum are not guaranteed by any one. Anytime it the phone may affect by virus or it may lost or anything else that may let you to lose your data. So it is better to take backup everything for every particular days. If you are afraid of losing any data from your mobile than backup it and store it in online. Backup files includes SMS, Videos, Images, Contacts etc., This article will suggest you some apps to take complete backup and restore mobile data of your phone or tab.

Backup in Android mobiles:

Android is very big platform with lots of stuffs with it. So it is very easy to find an app for a stuff but it is hard to select a best one. Every android mobiles are with backup or restore options but it won’t backup any apps or messages. Now there are many apps which reduce our work to take backup. Here is a best app for android devices to take backup.
G Cloud Backup is an android app which enables to backup a android device to a SD card or in online.

Features of G Cloud Backup:

  • Complete backup of android device includes SMS, Contacts, Files, Videos, Settings, Documents etc.,
  • No need to root the device. Check the link to know how to root
  • Automatic backup option
  • Can use more than one device under a single account
  • One click restore option
  • Can take backup and restore to any device
  • Backup upto 3GB
G Cloud Backup app is with the facility of both taking backup in SD card and also in online. So it is a best app to take backup of your android device. You can access online backup through Just go to the link and sign up in it. You can use more than one device under same account

Backup on Windows phone:

Windows 8 phones are with the default settings to take backup of apps, sms etc., You can backup direct to skydrive or by using zune software you can make your windows phone to sync automatically all your datum in computer.
Get Zune at:
In windows 8 phone you can backup apps, sms directly without using any apps. Just go to
Settings-> Backup-> App List -> Settings -> Switch on the backup option and tap on backup now. This will directly backup all your apps to skydive linked with your account. Proceed the same steps for sms, call logs, videos and images backup. Those data will be updated in Skydrive which enables us to backup easily.

Backup in Iphone:

Itunes are specially made for iphone which is also with the options of backup. Using Itunes data from a Iphone can be backup in computer or in icloud. You can found backup in computer or icloud when you access itunes. icloud does not backup all data. So it is better to take backup in computer itself. Itunes is also with the options to restore. So by using itunes, both backup and restore of data can be done.
Get itunes at:
Backup your mobile data for every particular time and save all your data. If your mobile undergoes any damage or lost. Those backup datum will be very useful to protect your important datum. If you found any difficulties or if you want to suggest anything comment it.


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