Android Wear for iOS

Android Wear for iOS, Its time now. We all know that the leading competition for iOS is definitely Android. On one side the competition is going on like a war but on another side Google neglects this war and making an application which is compatible for iOS. We can say Google Now as an example. As a next step Google makes its android wear for iOS. Even though still there is no official approval from the Apple, the development is going to reach its final stage. Also the release date of this combination application is expected to be on late of this May. Have a read on this article to know more about what is going on between Google and Apple in case of this android wear.

android wear for ios



Android wear was released on few months back. The working of the android wear is simple one, by pairing the android smart phones with the wearable it starts. When the pairing is done, the wearable works similar to that of android smart phone. The presence of Google now and the options for downloading application from play store makes the wearable as the best one. Also the Google initially launched the wearable with the collaboration of many prominent companies like Motorola, LG, HTC, Asus and Samsung.

Now, it is the time to know how Android wear penetrates into iOS. As Google now is already accepted officially by the Apple, Google plans to upgrade their wearable with the Apple. Google started to working on the platform of Android wearable to make it work on the iOS systems and devices. But when this question is asked to the Google they decline the comments by the report on the verge. However some third party developers found out that Android 4.4 has the related code to the iOS. Hence it is confirmed that the Google works on Android wear to be compatible for Apple.


Until now, the development team accomplishes some basic functions. Yes, Android wearable on Apple works some functions like displaying the notification of messages and phone calls. Also it includes Google now features of voice search, remembering of birthdays and some other actions. It also does a major function that is it allows you to reply to your Gmail messages.

When this facilitated application is launched by Google in app’s store of iOS, then I swear that Google becomes the direct and high competitor in front of the apple. If the apple accepts this application in their app store then they must drop the market of their apple watches. Still we did not get an answer for the huge question i.e. whether the apple accepts this app in its app store or not.

Apple can accept this offer like Google now or it may decline the app like Google map. We have to wait for an answer for this question until the late of this may.


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