Android Kitkat Features and its Taste

Its Android Kitkat time to show its taste for the users. It is not too far away,  The android kitkat will release in the month of October. The latest iteration of Google’s Android version 4.4 is going to shine with many new features and most special one is, It will support on mid range android devices. Most of the android device also includes older android mobiles with android version 2.2. So old android users can also get the latest version of android and also they can taste the new Android Kitkat in old android device. This is a happiest news for all old android device users. Because most of the old android device does not supports the latest version. But this time Google brings its latest version which supports most of the android device. There are many cool and new features in Android kitkat and also tastes good.

Android Kitkat

Reason behind the name:

Google always uses food names to name its Android versions this time Google used world’s famous Nestle and name its android latest version as  Kitkat. Google naming its android versions in alphabetical order as Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, now Kitkat. Android fans expected android version 4.4 will be named as “Key Lime Pie” but google thought Key Lime Pie is not much tastier one so they made an arrangement with Nestle Kitkat and name its latest android version 4.4 as “Kit kat” 

Kitkat Features:

  • Good Interface
  • Android Cloud System
  • Global Network Coverage
  •  Battery Standby
  • Hardware Support
  • Good Screen Orientation
  • Very Secure
  • Kitkat Apps

Kitkat Good Interface:

The tastier android version 4.4 going to come with new fragment, which means it is going to come with a new look. The previous version of android is beautiful when compared with the old versions but now the tastier version  is going to come with “Pallet Color” theme. The old versions are with standard blue color. The user Interface is improved more in Kitkat and Notification, Smoother performance and response are also improved. The user interface will completely fits for some android devices only. Because standard companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony will release their Kitkat device with their own interface only.

Android Cloud System:

The usage of Cloud Computing system is increasing drastically. The android users have to use apps like Google Drive for the cloud system. There are many online storage services to store data but there is no online storage facility for android users as like Iphone users. So the Android Kitkat is going to come with Cloud system which enables the users to store data in online and also to sync information. So the Kitkat users can also enjoy the taste of Cloud System.

Global Network Coverage:

Network coverage is a important stuff, specially for LTE. The previous versions of android os are with low performance in its Network Coverage. But Kitkat version always tastes good in everything. This version is powered with a wide range of network coverage than its previous versions. Kitkat is compatible with different network modes and also adjusting the network.

Kitkat Battery Standby:

A big headache with smartphones is its battery life and its backup. Android version 4.4 is designed with good multi cores, CPU Management and also the ram is lightweight. These stuffs will reduce the battery power consumption which makes the battery to standby for long time. The background apps will run in idle mode and there are several stuffs like reading or night mode to reduce the battery power consumption. The battery standby may vary depending upon the manufacture. So good manufacturer will have good battery standby.

Kitkat Hardware Support:

The Kitkat just needs only 512MB of RAM which makes the OS to run in any mid range device. The outworn of android device is very high due to different OS versions running it. But Kitkat is with good hardware support and the multi core enhance the os . It is with good hardware support than its previous versions.

Kitkat Screen Orientation:

A little black dot with Android is its screen orientation. The screen orientation is poor in android when compared with IOS and Windows device. Google is trying its best to bring good screen orientation. The screen orientation is good in Kitkat because this time google removed jerkiness part which made the orientation a little bit good.

Very Secure:

The vital reason for the development of android is due to its Open Source. This made the android to reach top in short period of time but this open source facility gave opportunity for the hackers. But google is working hard for its security and also many bugs like Camera, Wireless Communication, Bluetooth errors were fixed in kitkat version.

Kitkat Apps:

There are millions of apps in google play store for android. There are many developers to develop the apps. As the kitkat is compatible for many android devices, any android device user with kitkat version can use any apps from play store. After the release of Kitkat, there must be many google play users with mid range android devices.

Kitkat awesome features attracts the people to taste it soon. A special thing with this version is, its supports many android devices and 512mb ram is enough to run this os. So if you are a mid range android device user, Kitkat will give you many tastier things and also you can enjoy with all the apps in google play store. Wait few more days to taste Kitkat.

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