Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop

Mostly people do not feel comfortable to hand over their mobiles to anyone (friends or relatives) with full access. They always search for something to keep their personal information as safe. For those users, there is good news to you. To make you more comfortable and to keep your personal info too safe (can’t access by anyone), Android Lollipop 5.0 offers some features which has four level of access for your mobile. You can Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop which helps to feel comfortable when you attain the situation of hand over your mobile to someone or borrowed by your friends.

Add New user or Guest Account in Android Lollipop 5.0

Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop

Like I already said, to access your mobile there are four level of access features offered like Owner, user, profile and Guest mode in Android Lollipop 5.0. When you activate the owner mode, the full control will be given to the user. The owner mode is similar to the admin where he can control everything which is under him. He also has the feature to Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop of your mobile. If you activate the User mode, you have the feature of installing the apps, save videos and photos. This mode does not affect the other modes.


The profile mode is perfectly created for kids. Only limited access is offered in this mode. The owner sets the private account settings for that mobile. The Guest mode is too much relative like using private. We can also tell this mode as incognito window which is used in web browser. When this mode gets activated, the settings and history that the user and the user used are temporarily saved. When you gets entered to that mode more than once then there will be a display shown with option of starting fresh or continue from the last session.

Steps to Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop

There are two options are offered to Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop. Lets we see those options with some steps one by one below.

Option 1 – Steps

  • First the user needs to open up the settings
  • Then the user needs to select the option
  • “Add User or profile” is displayed in your mobile screen. The user needs to tap that option to Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop for his/her mobile.


Option 2 – Steps

  • Just the user needs to swipe down the screen of his/her mobile from top to bottom to open up the notification tray.
  • Then he/she needs to tap the user icon which is present in the right corner of the screen. This makes the user to open the settings menu when he/she compare the option 1.

Note: If the user needs to reveal back to the user menu, the user just needs to tap the user icon again which is displayed in the top right.

By using either option 1 or option 2, you can easily Add New User Accounts in Android Lollipop.


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