Access Internet in Mobile using PC Internet Connection

Internet is the only way to stay in online. Using Internet we can download many things that we need, And learn many new things. Internet brings the World in our Hand. Accessing internet in PC from Mobile is normal. It can be easily done by using PC suite. But Accessing internet in Mobile from PC internet connection is possible? If we can access internet from Mobile to PC, Then it is also possible to Access internet from PC to Mobile. Its a simple process, Just by creating a Sharing network correction. This article shows how to Access Internet in Mobile using PC Internet Connection.


How to access Internet from PC to Mobile:

To access Internet from to Mobile there is an easiest way. Today in Computer world everything is possible by Softwares and Apps. There is always Solutions for every Problems. Now Most of the Mobile Users are Smartphone Users only. Most of them are Android. There are many Android Apps to do Several Tasks. Like that there is also an App to Connect Internet from PC to Mobile.

For Android Users:
Method 1:
There is an App to Connect internet from PC to Mobile and it is Named “Reverse Tether”. Download Reverse Tether on your Mobile and Access Internet Connection from your Computer.

Download Link: 

But this App supports only Particular devices and also there are many Problems with this App. By the Luck if you got Internet Connection in your Mobile from PC using this app, No problem just use it. But if it is not Connected try Method 2, A difficult Method. But once you are done it is easy to Connect the Internet from PC to your Android Device.

Method 2:
This Method is very Difficult and several Tasks to be done. If you are in the need of PC internet Connection in your Mobile just try it.
This Method is only possible for Rooted Mobiles. So to access Internet from PC to Mobile, You should root your Android Mobile.Tasks to be Done:

  • Root Android Mobile
  • Enable USB Debugging
  • Download Superuse in Mobile
  • Download ABD Driver in PC
  • Download Reverse Tethering in PC
  • Run Android Tool

1) Root Android Mobile
Click here to know how to Root 

2) Enable USB Debugging:
To enable USB Debugging Go to:-
Android Version 2.3:

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB Debugging
Android Version 3.0 – 4.1:
Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging
Android Version 4.2:
Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap it Continuously till you get a note ” You are in Developer Mode”) Now again Settings -> Developer Option -> USB Debugging

3) Install Superuse:

Then Install Superuse App in your Android Mobile. The mobile should be rooted. ( Note:- Once you Installed Superuse App, It cannot be uninstalled)
Get superuse from the below Link: 
Disable Notification of Superuse App. To Disable Go to Preferences -> Notification and Uncheck it.

4) Download ABD Driver: 
Now Downlaod ABD Driver in your PC,
You can get ABD driver in:
Install ABD Driver in your Computer

5) Now follow the below Steps: 
  1. Switch off your Android Mobile, Remove its Battery and Again Insert the Battery and Switch on your Mobile
  2. Connect the Mobile to the PC using USB Data Cable
  3. Open ABD Driver and Click on Install to Detect your Device
  4. (If ABD Driver didn’t detect your Mobile Download  USB Driver and install it, Get USB Driver in:

  • 6) Download Reverse Tethering:

Download Reverse Tethering in your PC. To get Reverse Tethering Go to the below Link:

  1. Extract the ZIP file and Run Android Tool.exe
  2. Select the Device and DNS
  3. Now USBTUNNEL App will be installed in your Mobile Automatically, And SUPERUSE App will Ask Permission. Just allow it and Enjoy Internet Connection from PC to Mobile.

Download Links:

    1. Superuse:

    2. ABD Driver:
    3. USB Driver:
    4. Reverse Tethering:

This Method is little Hard. But if you want to Connect Internet from PC to Mobile, Try it.  Method 1 is very Easy but unfortunately there are many Errors with it. If your Mobile Supports Reverse Tether, Then you can access internet easily. If not, You have to follow the second Method. If there is any Doubts or Share your Experience in Comment.

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