Access Facebook Offline

The need of facebook is always consider as an important thing for all propose. This shows how facebook plays vital role on everyone’s life. The reason behind this importance for facebook is its connectivity with friends. Yes, Facebook made everything to be shared with friends in a better away. Whatever it may be A photo, Video, File, or important message , We can share anything with our friends anytime. To do all these stuffs we need internet connection. We are in a world where we can get Internet connection. However sometimes we may forced in a place where there is no internet connection or we may get internet problem. At these situations still you can access facebook offline if you follow this trick. You can access facebook offline and check all your info’s in offline without internet connection. A small problem with this trick is, You can’t get any new updates. However it’s better to have something rather than nothing. Here we go to access facebook offline.

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Access Facebook Offline

This article give a way to access facebook offline both in system and smartphone. Yeah, in smartphone too you can access facebook offline. But only android phone users can access facebook offline sorry other smartphone users.

Facebook Offline

Access Facebook Offline in Computer:

To access facebook offline in computer, you don’t need any additional software. You just have to download all your old data from facebook which includes Messages, Friends, Shared posts, Fan pages etc.,  You can’t get all features as you see in online. Here is the step by step procedure.

  • Open your Facebook account –> Settings 
  • General Account Settings –> Download a copy of your Facebook data
  • Now check your email associated with facebook, You can find a download link. Click on it to download a zip file
  • Now extract that zip file in a folder
  • Open “Index.html” file in that folder to access facebook offline in computer


You can find all your previous info in that file in facebook view. By using same method you can find who hacked your facebook account. Do you want to know more about it ? Click here to fine who hacked your facebook account. You can access all your old facebook posts offline with this trick. However you can’t get actual facebook feature with this trick. If you want actual facebook feature then check how to access facebook offline in smartphone , That is from Android smartphone.

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Access Facebook Offline in Smartphone:

A big advantage of having android smartphone is we can perform any task with android apps. There are tons of android apps in playstore to perform some particular task. Likewise to access facebook offline in smartphone there is an app call oStream (Facebook offline). If you are in a place where there is internet problem or internet disconnects oftenly then you can use this app. But to use this app you need internet connection for sometimes then you can access facebook offline without any trouble. A big advantage with this app is, You can like photos, comment on any post offline which will updates the info’s when it gets internet connection.   This app also saves your time, That is it loads everything previously so you don’t have to wait for a post till it loads completely. The same process is carried for comments and like process.

Download Facebook Offline=oStream

Download and install this app and access facebook offline in smartphone. If there is any doubt on access facebook offline, Feel free to ask in comments.

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