Access Computer using Android Device

While running out of time you may remember you have forgotten something like copying some important files from computer or suppose if you want to check any files of your PC from outside the home you can done it by using your smartphone. Already we have published an article about how to operate computer using mobile phones. To access this facility you have to give commands to your computer via twitter. Sometimes you may lose your privacy or you may forget the commands, but it may can done in any phone. Now this article is for smartphone users only especially android devices.  There is app for everything to reduce our work. This article will explain how to access computer using android devices.


How to Access Computer using Android Device:

There is an android apps names as “Splashtop Remote Desktop HD” which help us to operate computer. This is actually a remote computer which gives the actual screen shots of your computer, by using this app you can access any files, see videos, play games, multimedia contest, hear songs and many other stuffs in your computer through 3G/4G internet connection. Even you can also access your browser in computer this will takes your computer to your android device.

How to get it:

As it is an android app nowhere to search for it, you can easily get it from google play. This app costs Rs 486.18 (7.991 USD). There is no need to think to buy best apps like this.
Download Link:

Prepare your computer:

To make your computer to work with this app, you have to install a software in your computer. “Splashtop Streamer is for your computer which will prepare your computer to use the android app.
For Mac users:
Download Link:
For Windows users:
Download Link:


  • Easy Access
  • Uses Gmail account to access your computer which is more secured
  • Easy user interface
  • Brings your computer in your android device
This app really a awesome one and it actually brings your computer in your computer. This app costs low and once if it is installed there will be no problem. This app will be very useful. If you found any difficulties with this app just comment below, We will give some tips to rectify it.

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