Access Any Android Devices or iPhone from PC

Access Any Android Devices or iPhone from PC : The revolution of smartphones has changed the entire world and it started to play vital role in every individual’s life. Those who uses smartphone can perform many stuffs as like one works in computer. In Android there are many apps to perform many computer stuffs like executing ‘C’ Program, Send Email, Easy web browsing, Transferring Data and more. But always people prefers to work in large screen. When one cannot uses computer, They completes their tasks in smartphones and when one can access computer, They always feels better to work in computer rather than smartphone. It would be good if one can access their Android devices or iphone from PC, So that one can easily work with their smartphone from computer and also it provides way to transfer data from smartphone to PC. There is a very easy way to access any android devices or iPhone devices form PC

Access Any Android Devices or iPhone from PC

By accessing any Android devices or iPhone from PC, You can enjoy all your android apps in PC and also you can access your friends mobile any time as you wish. Its really a great thing to connect android devices iPhone from pc. This article explains how to establish such connections.

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Access Android Devices or iPhone from PC:

Team-viewer is one of the best application which helps to access a computer from another computer. There is team-viewer app for smartphones which helps to access computer from smartphone. Like same way Team viewer has launched a app which helps  to access smartphones from PC. Unfortunately this app works on android and iphone but not on windows phone. If you are with windows phone you cannot use this app. Here we go for the apps to access android devices or iphone from PC.

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TeamViewer QuickSupport app helps to perform this task. One can remote access their smartphone, views everything in dashboard, Terminate any process and also one can transfer data either from phone to pc or from pc to phone.

Download app from the below link, Install it in your device, Get partner ID and enjoy remote access to smartphone.

For Android: TeamViewer QuickSupport

For Iphone: TeamViewer QuickSupport

A small drawback with this app is, there will be a little lag in computer while accessing smartphone. Personally i thank to this app developer, I can access my girl friend’s mobile and she too can access my mobile and it has become very easy to share files.

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