5 Tricks to win Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird game has become distinguished one in both Android and IOS. All the Android and IOS users starts to download this game as it launched. But unfortunately, This game developer Dong Nguyen has removed this game from Google Play store but still it can be downloaded from unofficiet Twal pages. A most interesting thing with this game is, No one can get two digits score. Its just a simple game but yet lots of players trying to get high score. Its really very hard to get high score honorably,  so here are some tricks for both Android and IOS to win flappy bird game illicitly. Just use this trick and get high score and amuse your friends. 

Tricks to win Flappy Bird

5 Tricks to win Flappy Bird:

Here are some flappy bird hacking tools which helps to get more score in this game. Before trying these hacking tool, Give a try to manual method.

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Manual Method:

Flappy Bird IOS: No Jail Break

  • Before starting this trick, Make sure Flappy bird game is not running
  • Download any one of the below atlas.txt files
  1. Link : http://cl.ly/TdsF  (It helps to pass over pipes)
  2. Link : http://cl.ly/TdJy (Lines appears instead of pipes)
  • Now connect your iPhone with computer using iExplorer
  • Open flap.app in iExplorer
  • Search for atlas.txt file and click on it
  • In the right hand side you can see many codes, Just drag the newly downloaded atlas.txt file and replace it.
  • Its all done, If you had downloaded Link 1 then you can pass over the pipes. If link 2 then you can see lines instead of pipes. You can pass over these easily and get high score.

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Flappy Bird Android: Rooting Required

  • To use this trick your device must be rooted. Click here to know how to root android device
  • Re install the game in your android device
  • Download ES File Explorer File Manager from play store
  • Make sure root explorer is active and, Now open the file manager and  then tap on Tools Menu
  • Now navigate to Device section –> Root File Directory –> data –> data (Another folder with same name)
  • Now search for Flappy bird game in that folder and open it
  • Open Flappy Bird file next shared_prefs and next FlappyBird.xml
  • Open that file with ES editor and tap on edit
  • Now all in your hand, Change the score as your wish and prank your friends

If you don’t have enough patience to do the above steps, Just use the blow hacking tools to get high score in flappy bird game.

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Hacking Flappy Bird:

Flappy Bird Unlimited:

No rooting or Jain break required for this trick. There is customized version of Flappy Game where we can get high score easily.

  • Go to the link: http://dinxteam.com/flappy-bird-hack/
  • Download the files and unzip it
  • Now run the flappy game unlimited

High Score:

There are many hacking tools to win flappy bird game and here is a tool which helps you to get high score.

  • Go to the link: http://iosapphack.com/flappy-bird-hack-tool-v1-40/
  • Download the files and install it

More Score:

This trick helps to get more scores in flappy bird game and this hacking tool works on IOS only. So if you are using Android, Don’t try this trick.

Link: http://demhacks.com/flappy-bird-hack-cheats/

Flappy Bird ~ God Mode:

This tool helps to play flappy game in God mode.

Link: http://masterhax.com/flappy-bird-hack/

Unlimited Lives:

This hacking tool helps to get unlimited lives in flappy bird and game and hence you can get high score easily.

Link: http://freshgamehacks.com/flappy-bird-hack-tool-cheats/

Hope these tricks has helped you to get high score in Flappy Bird game. If you found any troubles just give your comments, We will give solution for your problems.

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