5 Best Features in Android Lollipop

Finally the Google’s Android Lollipop is almost here. To bring lots of new changes in this Android Lollipop OS, Sundar Pichai (head of Android) is also worked for it. And they announced that it will be the one of the biggest upgrades to Android OS. Google Outlined that there are lots of new features are added in this OS. But we listed out some of the best features in Android Lollipop OS. Especially the Material design, Notifications, battery life is one of the features are included. We hope that in upcoming weeks, all the devices will support this OS. Lets we see the 5 best features in Android Lollipop below.

5 Best Features in Android Lollipop

5 Best Features in Android Lollipop

  • Material Design:

We already know that Google had a great deal in Material design at the start of this year by releasing the Android L. And most of the users start to see that how the new philosophy works in the Mobile Eco system. But now Android must be much bolder, colorful and it will be more responsible than it response before. Google also announced that this new Android OS offers the feature of “fluid, purpose motion,” with some visual elements which helps the Android users to work easy than it before.  And the “teleportation between apps” is also removed. So we can allow sending animation on screen from one to another. Even the home, back and multi-tasking buttons are designed as new for this new OS. This is really new step taken from the Android and we are eagerly waiting to see the how the final version looks in person.

  • Notifications:

There is always occurs a problem for notifications to all mobiles. But Android always handles them in a different manner while compare with other competing operating system. In Android Lollipop, Notification features acts more powerful than ever. (i.e.) this OS gave a new way to users to control the Notification that is when and how they need to receive that notification. For example, if you are watching movie means then this notification does not interrupt you anymore. But it gave an option of attending that call or just notifies them what you are doing now. We can access the notification even the mobile is in lock-screen which makes the user more convenient to operate. In addition it has a new feature “Priority mode” which acts similarly as Apple’s Do Not Disturb.

  • Battery Life:

Don’t think that Smartphone’s only trying to increase the battery life better and better. Android L which is launched by Google has the quite improvement while compare with its previous. And Google promises that Android Lollipop will be better in battery life. Google also offers plenty of features to save battery life with project Volta, which makes the device to extend the battery life up to 90 minutes. This OS has also offers the new feature of notifying the time to the user when he/she needs to put charge for his/her device.

  • Security:

Security is one of the basic things that the user always looks for. To secure the     devices, Android Lollipop OS offers an Android Smart Lock feature which helps the user to make secure to their phones, tablets. This feature can also pair with another device which is you trust like Android wear Smart-watch  But when we need to unlock from another device means is should be connected. This Android OS also comes with encryption automatically turned on facility to protect all the data’s. Android is also working better to protect against the malware by offering SE Linux which is enforced to all applications.

  • Sharing Device:

Finally Android Lollipop offers the requested features to the user’s to have a multiple users in one device. (i.e.) the user can set a guest user to access his/her device. This OS also offers the feature of new screen pinning which helps the user to pin the screen which makes the user to access the content display in that screen. This Android Lollipop OS also offers to access the messages, photos, call friends or family and more by just simply signing from one of the other Android Lollipop devices.

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