5 Best apps for New Year 2015

We are at the end of the year 2014 and start dreaming about our upcoming new year 2015. Changes are the only things that keeps people go move on. Technology has seen a drastic change over past few year and for this new year 2015 there will be more upcoming technologies which lots of goods and bad things. On my view growth of technology should be controlled otherwise they will control us. As a part of growth of technologies smartphones plays vital role on everything. People started to use their smartphones for all their day to day life and this made to to write article about 5 best apps for new year 2015. It’s a usual thing to take resolution for new year but to maintain those resolution is little tough. Since we are engaged with smartphones i believe smartphones app can help us to maintain our resolution throughout the year. I have found 5 best apps for new year 2015 which is based on reducing weight app, avoiding smoking habit app, financial goals app, searching job app and finally to relax and have a good sleep app. I hope these app will be more helpful for new year 2015.

best apps for new year 2015

5 Best apps for New Year 2015

Finance app

Mint Personal Finance App

Most of the smartphones users prefers app to manage their daily stuffs and surely some busy people needs an assistant to run their day pleasantly. There are mest best apps for new year 2105 to assist finance stuffs but choosing a right one is difficult. Mint is a personal Finance app which helps  to be good with your money, pay all your bills in one place with MINT Bills. Everything is easy with Mint since it syncs all accounts and pays bills and let us know if there are any bending and also notify us before last day to pay bill. This app really cool and make sense. Mint is available for iPhone, Android and Windows  but unfortunately this service is not yet launched in India. But still there is another app called Expense Manager which helps to manage your daily budget.

Get Mint at www.mint.com

Get Expense Manager in Playstore 

best finance app



Body Fitness App

Lose It

Lfitness appose it app guides to reduce your weight and helps to maintain your body fit. It takes care of daily food consumption, Burning Calories, Exercise and more. But practically it is not easy for a person to follow all the instructions provided by an app. To overcome this issues there is a thing in Lose it called Motivation. Yes, It motivates you to reduce your weight and helps to make your body fit. Lost it is available for iPhone, Android and Amazon. Just sign up in Loseit at www.loseit.com, Enter your details, Get download link for the app and start working to lose your weight. This is really best apps for the new year 2015 to reduce weight.


Quit Smoking app

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

quit smoking appIt is really very hard to get rid of smoking habit, If you are the one trying to get rid of smoking habit here is the best apps for new year 2015. There are many apps which tells some daily physical exercise to quit smoking but nature is, Smokers needs mental exercise to quit smoking. There is app which surely helps to get rid of smoking habit. After going through many reviews i found this app as a useful one to quit smoking. The app named Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation which is available in playstore. Start using this from this new year and Quit smoking.

Download Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation

Careers App

Naukri App

find job appsIn this competitive world finding a correct job is very difficult, Though we get a job we always opt for a job that suits us, There are many job searching websites but still it would be more good if you get all the offers in your hand. Most of the job seekers losing their opportunity since they are not getting their job offers at right time. Everything has a solution, Instead of dumping on websites for jobs you can find good job offers in your smartphone itself by using Naukri app. This app is avaialble for Andorid and iPhone users and you can find it s download link in  http://www.naukri.com/mobile. Check it and start finding a job which you opt for this new year.


Relaxation App

Sleep Better app


In this techi world people are suffering without having proper sleep, Smartphones has made such things which makes people to awake for a long time. This problem can be solved by smartphone app. Yes, Everything can be managed with apps since most of the people started using smartphone for all purpose. If you are the one who does not have proper sleep you can use this app to sleep better than last day. Sleep Better app provides you every details about sleeping scale and you can use it to sleep it even more better. Of Course it is just an app but give a try to it. Get Sleep Better App here Sleep better app

I hope this article helps to find a best app to make new year 2015 more wonderful and colorful. If you found any app useful to you, Share that app with your friends and make their new year cool.



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