3D interface Android by Next Launcher 3D

Bring 3D interface android and make your device more admirable look. Android is a very big platform with tons of apps and also with more customization options. There are many innovative apps for android devices which gives power to the android devices. Android users had come across many android themes with different interface. There are also many launchers to get other mobile OS like IOS or Windows in android. But no one have tried to bring 3D interface in android device. Come out of viewing normal single dimensional view in android device and bring three dimensional interface. Android always tries to comfort the users and also fulfills the need of the users by apps. This article explain to bring 3D interface in android by Next Launcher 3D app.

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3D interface in Android

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Next Launcher 3D:

Next Launcher 3D is a lofty app which brings actual 3D dynamic effect and customization Home screen replacement in your android device. This app gives you the original 3D interface with many customization options and also it has gratifying 3D visual elements, gestures, transition effects and more. Its very common known thing to everyone that all the android apps can be download from Google play. Many apps are available free of cost but this app costs 15.534 US Dollar (953 Rs). This a really very high cost for getting 3D interface in android. So i search for another app with same features and 3D interface in android. Its bewilder to get actual app lite version in google play.  Next Launcher 3D Lite Version can be downloaded freely from google play. This app is created by same Next Launcher 3D team with some disabled features. Just try Next Launcher 3D Lite version in your android device. If you found it satisfied, Use it else get the pro Next Launcher 3D app.

Download Links:

Free Next Launcher 3D

Pro Next Launcher 3D 


  • Smooth 3D interface
  • Real 3D Home screen
  • Icon Editor
  • Theme Mix Mode
  • Floating Mode
  • Dock to all favourite shortcuts
  • 8 different gestures
  • Batch apps management
  • Screen Switching
  • Crystal, Folding Home screen are coming soon

If you are using free Next Launcher 3D, You cannot experience all the above features in your Android device. However you can get 3D interface in Android. This app supports on all Android 2.2 and up versions. What do you want more in android? comment your needs in android, We will give proposer solutions. Experience 3D interface in android and feel the changes.

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