3 Ways To Track any Android Devices

Hello readers,today the topic we are going to discuss is Ways To Track any Android Devices.Did you lost your Android Smartphones or tablets without install the tracking apps, then this article is specially wriiten for you and this article will help you to find your lost android Smartphone’s or  tablets.In google apps store,there is  an apps ”phone recovery or anti-theft” is specially made as lifesaver if you lost your phone.But the ugly truth  about that apps is, most of the people knows about that apps only after they lost their phones or gets stolen. Dear Readers don’t be sad and don’t lose your hope, there are some of the ways  are available to track any android devices that you lost or stolen by anyone. Lets we see some of the best ways to track any android devices one by one.



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3 Ways To Track any Android Devices:

Track Android Devices By Using Google’s Android Device Manager(ADM):        

                                 Android Smartphone’s is always built with android device manager which helps the user to track,lock and wipe their lost android Smartphone’s. We don’t need to install this apps but this apps requires that your Android device should connect with the Google account and your devices also need to acess to the internet to track your lost android Smartphone’s. This Android Device Manager can be activated by click Google Setting app à Android Device manager à Turn On by Default.This app also  requires to allow ADM(Android Device Manager) to lock your Android device and need to erase the data(turn off by Default).

If all the requirements are present in your lost Android Smartphone, then go to the Google Play Website à Gear Icon à Android Device Manager.Now,you can see your Lost Android Device in map.But if your Android Device stole by the thief, the thief has a way to escape from this tracking by just Reset your lost device and ADM  does not shows Complete History Story.ADM shows the Location only when you Sign in and when you Sign out, it discards the Location data that you seen last.

If thief does not done anything and your android devices access the internet,this way will help you to get your devices back to you.


Track Android Devices By Using Android Lost App:

                                Android Lost is a mobile apps which is used to track your Android Devices.This way is quiet complicated.To access this apps,your lost Smartphone shoule connect with your Google account and your lost device should access to the internet.First,you need to install this app”Android Lost” in your lost Android device.You may get question in your mind that,Is their any way to install this app in your lost android devices?? The answer is YES and it is quite easy. This apps have an benefit of that you can install and activate this apps to your lost Android devices from any phones.The remote installation process of the Android lost app is a Straight forward and you can install this app directly from the browser through Google Play website only when your devices is a registered device.

How  To Register Device in Android Lost App:

To register your lost android device remotely(after installation),just send a message as “androidlost register” to your lost phone.we can send this message through any phones.This message will trigger with itself using Google Account.

Note:To Register your device may take some time to complete.

After you register your android device,now you can visit Android Lost website and login by using your Google account.After Successfully login,now you can access to all remote control features which is listed below(only some is listed):

  • You can read your latest messages received in your lost Android device.
  • You have the facility of getting the Location for your Lost Android device.
  • You can Lock and Unlock your Lost Android device.
  • You can clean or erase the entire phone data in your Lost Android device,so no one can get your private data’s.
  • You have the facility of taking pictures through camera in your Lost Android device,so you can find the person who stole your phone.

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Track Android Devices By Using Plan B App:

                     When Android Lost app did not help you to find your lost Android device but still your device running in version of Android(2.0 – 2.3),then you can try Plan B app to track your Android device. First install this Plan B app to your lost Android device through Google Play Store and if the installation gets succeeds then this apps sends the lost device current  location to your gmail address for every 10 minutes.You can also get the location of your lost phone through gmail by sending SMS “locate” from any other phones.But the disadvantage is this app does not uplated for a long time and Plan B works only for the version of “Android(2.0 – 2.3).

Hope you may get back your Lost Android devices by using this ways.

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