Googiehost Free Hosting for unlimited years

Its very common thing for all newbies to search for free hosting servers for their websites. A newbie  would not like to invest money for their new website. Some times it may gets down or it may success. So most of the newbies or other bloggers who likes to start a new website would search

3 Online Photo editing tools for Facebook Photos

Day by day facebook users starts to spend more time in facebook because of its interesting stuffs. A  user shares his / her photos and other interesting things they like in facebook. Most of the users expects response from their friends for their activities in facebook like getting comments and likes. Its very usual to

Siri for Android a best Personal Assistance

I hope you all well know about iPhone Siri, A best personal assistance for all individual. This is the most expected app by the users. It works on our voice command and helps to find everything in an easy way. Siri helps to set Alarm, Makes call, Send text messages, Plays Music, Maintenance your schedules

How to get back Old Facebook View

Facebook is on work and started to do many changes like new Time Line, Facebook bubble chat and more. Recently facebook acquired whatsapp and its going to sync all facebook contacts with facebook. So one can chat with facebook friends from whatsapp. Facebook is working for it. The last change in facebook is, New timeline.

Kochadaiyaan Game for iPhone, Android and Windows

Kochadaiyaan (English: The king with a long, curly mane), Is the first 3D Animated Movie in india. The film will feature Rajinikanth enacting and voicing three lead roles. This is the one of the most expected movie from all around the world. Adding more special to this film, A part of the movie has been released Kochadaiyan game for iPhone, Android

Two simple ways to use Whatsapp in PC

Whatsapp can be said as the best Chit Chat service for every one. The raise of whatsapp made facebook to buy for 16 billion, Its such a big amount and it shows how whatsapp plays in filed. Facebook is updating many changes in whatsapp to sync facebook contacts with whatsapp. Its such a great gift

Facebook Hacking tool Secrets

Facebook has become official to many users and also many users starts to work with facebook like getting many likes to pages, getting many followers and more for money. This is really a great business for many users as many co-operative companies are need of those users to promote their products. As the value of

Access Any Android Devices or iPhone from PC

Access Any Android Devices or iPhone from PC : The revolution of smartphones has changed the entire world and it started to play vital role in every individual’s life. Those who uses smartphone can perform many stuffs as like one works in computer. In Android there are many apps to perform many computer stuffs like executing

How to install Google Play Store in Nokia X

Nokia’s neoteric phone, Nokia X with Android OS is a new revolution in Nokia History ever. Nokia is under Microsoft Inc., but its latest release Nokia X is with Android OS which is a Google product. This is the first Gadget of Microsoft / Nokia with Google product. Most of the mobile phone companies uses Android

Install Flappy Bird Game or other Flash Games in website

Day by day the number of bloggers count is increasing which also increases competition between bloggers. A single person maintains more than 10 blogs with good result. There are million of blogs that are getting indexed into google each day and its really very hard to bring our blog on 1st page in google search